Watch: BLM 'Protesters' Surround and Harass Homeowner, The Homeowner Ends Up Being Arrested

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Demonstrators march through the streets in Rochester, N.Y., Friday, Sept. 4, 2020 protesting the death of Daniel Prude. Prude apparently stopped breathing as police in Rochester were restraining him in March 2020 and died when he was taken off life support a week later. (AP Photo/Adrian Kraus)


Well, this seems a little backwards.

Last night, a group of self-described Black Lives Matter protesters decided to surround a house and harass the people inside. They shined spotlights on the windows and screamed obscenities at the homeowner. His great sin was apparently having a Trump flag in his front yard.

Amazingly, or not so amazingly since it’s 2020, it was the homeowner that was arrested.

According to the video and later reports, the man inside showed the crowd that he was armed and able to protect himself. This was considered illegal brandishing and he was taken from his house in handcuffs to the cheers of the crowd outside.

This is just amazing to me. If you can’t show your weapon to signal you feel threatened from inside your own home as a mob of people gather outside, then when can you? This seems like a fairly cut and dry case of a violation of the Second Amendment and I hope this guy sues anybody he can sue for this treatment. John Roberts needs to be made to face these issues instead of continually avoiding them because things are well out of control at this point.


That the police would go along with this is also not a good look for them. If they want to lose the support of those that actually care about them, this is a good way to do it.

Our country is normalizing mobbing and harassing of people just trying to live their lives, in this case from inside their own home. This is not acceptable and it’s not normal. There’s noway it’s technically legal to surround a guy’s house and shine a spotlight on his window. Yet, the police only enforced one side of the law here, and that’s assuming the brandishing of the weapon was even a criminal offense. If it was, that’s the kind of law that needs to be struck down by a court immediately.

People are not going to keep putting up with this. This will lead to violence. Our leaders, local and otherwise, have a choice to make. They can keep feeding the beast, or they can protect their citizens. If they do the former, bad things will end up happening, to the extent that they already haven’t.

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