Trump Wins Again as BIG 10 Reverses Decision and Will Play Football, Sports 'Journalists' Flip Out

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As an SEC fan, my respect for the BIG 10 isn’t very high. But I was still bothered by the ridiculous, politically charged decision to cancel their college football season in the face of no evidence that such should have been done. The players wanted to play, they were already on campus, and they were even being allowed to spend 20 hours a week practicing. So why cancel the few-hour a week game after allowing all that?

The answer is that there was no answer. None of it made sense. Now, that decision has been reversed and the BIG 10 will play football in October, just in time for them to be able to finish conference play before bowl season.

President Trump, who has been outspoken that the BIG 10 should play, also took a victory lap, as he should.


Of course, the resident sports “journalists” flipped out and/or tried to pretend this was the best plan all along.

For context, Darren Rovell was spreading nonsense conspiracy theories like this just weeks ago.

That turned out to be false. Whatever study he thought he was citing wasn’t real and the SEC never saw a single case of what he was claiming. But that gives you an idea of the kind of garbage emanating from the sports media complex since the pandemic hit. There’s really very little difference between them and the mainstream media. Anyone that’s watched ESPN or Fox Sports lately knows that.

In the end, science won out here. There was no logical reason to cancel games when the players are at much higher risk going to a frat party or attending classes. If someone does get infected, they are more likely to get struck by lightning than suffer any long term consequences. Protocols are in place and caution will be used. That’s the way to do this, not fold like a cheap suit and cancel the season.


The BIG 10’s commissioner has a lot to answer for in even letting it get this far. I know he’s got ambitions to one day take over for Roger Goodell, but this episode should kill those dreams. This guy doesn’t need to be anywhere near the decision-making process for a college conference, much less the NFL.

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