Joe Biden Weirdly Rants About Quartermasters and Ladies Departments, and I've Got Nothing

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden checks his notes as he speaks during an event with local union members in the backyard of a home in Lancaster, Pa., Monday, Sept. 7, 2020. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)


Joe Biden often says ridiculous things. His penchant for losing his train of thought or flying into a sputtering mess has become legendary at this point. I’ve written so many times about it that I sometimes struggle to cover the latest examples.

But then his brain goes and crashes in such a way that I just can’t ignore it. Today was one of those days. You try to figure out what the heck this is.

No Joe, we have no idea what you mean.

Really, I’ve got nothing. What is he talking about? My mind goes to that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry says to George “and you want to be my latex salesman?!” as he lay writhing on the floor. This doddering, incapable old guy wants to be my president? How is this even a thing?

But I digress. This is much more serious that making fun of the fact that the Democrat nominee is clearly suffering from dementia and an inability to process basic thoughts. Elections are not a joke. Policies are not a joke. If Biden can’t be off prompter long enough to articulate something as simple as what he was trying to say here, how is he going to manage a presidency? The simple answer is that he’s not. Hence Kamala Harris basically admitting it’s her administration recently.


Everyone knows what’s really happening here and it’s one of the most dishonest bait and switches to ever happen in politics. In fact, I’m struggling to think of another comparable situation. Never before have we had a nominee lacking the ability to even do basic campaigning, much less perform the job he’s running for. Democrats think they can just pull the wool over the eyes of voters long enough to spring President Kamala on them down the road, but that’s not how any of this is supposed to work. The person you run is expected to be able to fulfill his term. Biden clearly is not going to do that.

This is elder abuse at this point. Biden’s wife should seriously think about what she’s putting her husband through. I mean that seriously.

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