The Awful 9/11 Takes Have Begun

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A U.S. flag hanging from a steel girder, damaged in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, blows in the breeze at a memorial in Jersey City, N.J., Sept. 11, 2019 as the sun rises behind One World Trade Center building and the re-developed area where the Twin Towers of World Trade Center once stood in New York City on the 18th anniversary of the attacks. (AP Photo/J. David Ake)


It’s not even lunchtime yet and the terrible 9/11 takes have begun. On what is supposed to be a solemn day of remembrance of the worst foreign attack in the nation’s history, political figures are already showing their inability to ever look at any situation without bringing Donald Trump into it.

You’ll be less than surprised to learn these come from Lincoln Project figures.

This is idiocy of the highest order. You can not compare an act of nature (an act of nature in the sense of the end result of bodily death at least), by which none of these people can actually articulate what they would have done differently given what we knew at the time (including Joe Biden, who’s advisor had a meltdown over that question yesterday because he couldn’t answer it).

There are actually more events than any one person can keep track of that were technically more deadly than 9/11. That has never been the point of remembering days like that and Pearl Harbor. The point is that they are unique because they were foreign, purposeful attacks on American lives. More people die of heart disease a week than died on 9/11. Normal, non-mentally ill people understand the differences between those situations.

It didn’t stop there though. He was George Conway’s deranged take.


Keep in mind that Conway is supposed to be stepping back to help save his family at this point. His wife, former top Trump aide Kellyanne Conway, has seemingly held up her part of that bargain, putting her public life in the backseat for now as she focuses on her daughter. But this insufferable clown just can’t help himself I guess. He’s already back to making ridiculous political points and screaming “orange man bad!” every five seconds.

These people are just vile. They can’t even take one day off from their crusade with the rest of Americans. I understand it’s been 19 years and memories fade. I understand today will not be a day free from politics, especially in an election year. But at the very least, could it be a day where we just let 9/11 be what it is and honor the fallen within that context? Partisan, illogical comparisons to other events to score political points are spit on the graves of those that died. I’d like to say these people should know better, but I’m not sure they do.

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