Cover-Up: Robert Mueller's Corrupt Team 'Accidentally' Wiped Dozens of Phones Before Records Were Logged

Cover-Up: Robert Mueller's Corrupt Team 'Accidentally' Wiped Dozens of Phones Before Records Were Logged
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I’m sure this is all just one big coincidence, right?

A new FOIA release has revealed that Robert Mueller’s cesspool of a team of corrupt figures wiped 31 different phones before records could be logged from them for transparency. This came under the guise of several different excuses, from claims of lost passwords to assertions that phones wiped out their own data without input.

As Pentchoukov asks in his tweet citing the source, have you ever just accidentally wiped your phone? That’s really not a thing that happens. It’s certainly not a thing supposedly highly trained professionals with backgrounds at DOJ do. You know who enters their password too many times causing their phone to be wiped? Pre-teens who don’t know any better, not lawyers and law enforcement officials.

Here’s another source, with Sean Davis breaking down some of the information. There are also more screenshots of the documents to look over.


The sheer scale of this is too much to ignore. Dozens of phones all being wiped, many claimed by “accident?” Come on. No one can honestly believe this is a coincidence. Especially when the Senate has begun to dig into the investigation itself. Don’t expect Lindsey Graham to make a fuss about it, though.

It also shouldn’t be missed that Andrew Weissman, the corrupt “pit-bull” who made a career abusing the law and who is now a rabid partisan on MSNBC, is right in the middle of this. While Mueller holds ultimate responsibility for his team’s actions, there’s no doubt that Weissman was the real one in charge. Mueller could barely keep from drooling at times, much less lead a team of Democrat donors going after Donald Trump.

The tendency of Republicans is to just let stuff like this go. They shouldn’t let this go and GOP voters should not let them let it go. People need to be held accountable. AG Bill Barr also needs to get off his duff and put the pressure on here. One slam dunk prosecution from the Durham investigation so far is an absolute joke. It’s obvious how much foul play went on here and feet need to be held to the fire.

In the end, this is yet another example of how right many of us were when we called out the Mueller investigation early on. It still amazes me how many on the right bent the knee, insisting that any questioning of Mueller was akin to setting the Constitution on fire. Like all men, he was flawed and his investigation was highly improper. Scalps need to be taken.

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