Democrats Filibuster COVID Relief Again and the Media Response Is Absolutely Ridiculous

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik


Democrats put their own political fortunes above the American people again today. Every single Senate Democrat chose to vote against and filibuster a new relief package that would have brought additional benefits to needy Americans. Nancy Pelosi had already sucked on her teeth and promised this move earlier in the week because she’s essentially the Democratic Senate leader as well at this point.

What was astonishing wasn’t that the Democrats would do this, though. It’s exactly the kind of cynical play they’ve been making all along. What was astonishing was just how quickly the talking points went out to the liberal media. One after the other, they put out the same “explanation” for what happened during the vote.

Take a look.

“Failed to advance” is the way they are going to frame this? Why did it fail to advance? Did the magic Senate monster eat the bill? Did Mitch McConnell have to take a bathroom break and postpone the bill? Facts matter, and the facts here are that the Democrats, and only the Democrats, prevented this bill from going forward. Being honest with the American people is the right move here, not trying to obfuscate and avoid telling them who is to blame.

And let’s be clear, this bill was not objectionable. It was $500B and gave Democrats many of the things they wanted. What it didn’t give them was a blank check of $2B to distribute to New York and California for being fiscal dumpster fires. That Republicans have held the line on that is to their credit.

The left and their media allies think they can keep this under wraps through the election, causing just enough pain to put Joe Biden in office while not having it backfire on them. But it’s already backfiring. Coronavirus as an issue is waning on the minds of voters, but they see the Democrats trying to play politics with what is left of the pandemic. The polls are tightening in many areas and we are still nowhere near a point where this race is in hand. Nancy Pelosi is not the expert tactician she thinks she is and Chuck Schumer has the strategic capacity of a chihuahua.

We’d all like to live in a world where the media called this stuff out, but that’s never going to happen. In the meantime, it’s at least entertaining to see how biased and in lockstep they are. Trump ripped the mask off and it’s been one of the best parts of his presidency.

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