Biden Advisor Melts Down After Bret Baier Grills Him, Gets Obliterated

Biden Advisor Melts Down After Bret Baier Grills Him, Gets Obliterated
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These guys always look the same, don’t they?

Some Biden advisor named TJ Ducklo went on Bret Baier’s Special Report this evening thinking he was going to be tossed softballs like all the other networks give him and his cohorts. He was sorely mistaken. Baier went straight at him in one of the more embarrassing interviews I’ve seen with a campaign surrogate.

In the end, Ducklo was so thoroughly flustered that he was left calling Baier a “Trump stooge” because he couldn’t answer basic questions about Joe Biden.

It was a total obliteration.

Giving no answer here is actually the clearest answer he could give. Of course Biden is using a teleprompter while doing TV because he’s incapable of giving an interview without cheating. Even when he’s done sit-downs where there isn’t a teleprompter, he’s got extensive notes and the networks edit it heavily to help him out. This guy is two steps away from being a vegetable. It’s only by sheer bias that he’s been carried this far.

Here’s another, more condensed clip showing Ducklo melting down after being asked what Biden would have done differently in regards to coronavirus.

If your entire campaign is “Trump killed everyone and I would have done it better,” perhaps you should have an answer teed up as to what you’d have changed? Just a thought. This guy is so far out of his league, incapable of improvising even the most basic of deflections and answers. When you are left accusing Bret Baier of being a Trump shill, you’ve already lost.

This is what happens when these low ability surrogates get fluffed on national TV over and over by CNN, MSNBC, and the broadcast networks. When they have to face someone who will ask them real questions, they wilt. They’ve got absolutely nothing.

Baier is one of the best in the business, and unlike Chris Wallace, he hasn’t allowed Trump’s unconventional style to go to his head and color his reporting. It was prime entertainment to watch him take this kid apart. I suspect that the Biden campaign won’t be sending too many more surrogates on Fox News now after that beat down.

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