ACLU Official, University 'Diversity' Professor Go After Nick Sandmann, Call Him 'Dangerous'

Screenshot via C-SPAN


The left just can’t leave Nick Sandmann alone, but perhaps they should for their own good? An official for the ACLU and a “diversity” professor from the university Sandmann is attending had an interesting exchange about the young man recently, labeling him “dangerous,” with the professor saying he would keep an eye on the new student.

Jonathan Turley did a write up on the comments.

I’m not sure this rises to the level of slander that the media propagated against Sandmann previously (and paid dearly for), but it’s disturbing nonetheless. No one from a university should be pledging to an outside activist that they are going to single out a student for their political beliefs. Sandmann has a right to free speech. If he wants to be politically active on campus, that’s his prerogative, not this ACLU punk’s.

The admission of “I get where you are coming from” by the professor in regards to the official’s concerns is what is dangerous here, not Sandmann. What it shows is how pervasive left-wing discrimination is on college campuses, though. Republicans have been sounding the alarm about this for a generation, mostly met with sneers, often by those on our own side saying we are overreacting or that everyone will just grow out of it. Now we are seeing the fruit of that complacency as universities have turned into liberal hotbeds and their indoctrination has lasting effects long past life on campus.

Sandmann seems like a smart kid. He doesn’t have to put up with this. I’d be very tempted to not give this school my business after this episode. At the very least, I’d be taking my case to the dean and asking whether he endorses such targeting of students simply for exercising their free speech. And Sandmann may indeed push the issue. He might also be sick of the spotlight at this point. Regardless, this professor and this ACLU official should know better than this. There was a time when the ACLU actually defended the rights of anyone, no matter how much they disagreed with them personally. That organization has been replaced with a woke, illiberal caricature of its former self.

I sincerely hope Sandmann doesn’t have to put up with this nonsense any longer, and I’m sure his lawyers are already looking into whether there’s legal action to be taken here.

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