Watch: BLM 'Protesters' Take Over a McDonald's, Assault the Black Manager

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Demonstrators march during a protest in memory of Breonna Taylor, Saturday, July 11, 2020, in Los Angeles. Taylor was killed in her apartment by members of the Louisville, Ky. Metro Police Department on March 13. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)


Black Lives Matter protests have continued to deteriorate in some cases. This latest example being the accosting of a McDonald’s employee in Pittsburgh, PA.

The large group of “protesters” entered the store with a megaphone, took over the lobby, and got into an altercation with the manager of the establishment, who is black. At one point, the man and a protester get into a physical back and forth after the latter began to yell in his face with the megaphone. Though I’m not sure about Pennsylvania, in many states, it is still assault to try to damage someone’s hearing (or eyesight to give another example). In other words, assault is not just limited to throwing punches, though they did grapple some.

Here’s the video.

This is the natural escalation of BLM protesters harassing restaurant-goers over the last several weeks. Eventually, someone was going to confront them and this manager did that. The scuffle could have been much worse, but it looks like him holding his ground helped de-escalate the situation. You can see them leaving at the end of the video.


None of this is normal behavior and it should not be tolerated in a civilized society. It is not protesting to enter a private business and shout with a megaphone in the manager’s ear. It is not protesting to put your hands on him just because he’s trying to do his job and get you to leave. I’d ask where the police are, but they’ve been so handicapped in these blue cities that they often can’t even do anything.

Also, note the things these BLM activists are saying. They don’t care about black lives. This is a game to them. They’ve got their left-wing talking points and Marxist fantasies. They don’t care about facts. Heck, the entire BLM movement is based on faulty statistics if we want to go down that road.

To the extent that the BLM movement ever had good intentions (given their founders, it probably never did), it has been co-opted by its worst elements. Contentions that “only” 7% of their protests turn violent misses the point. In any mob situation dealing with any group with negative connotations, the violence will always be a smaller percentage of the greater whole. That doesn’t absolve BLM for what it’s done and continues to do.


Lastly, even if we were to give BLM the benefit of the doubt, what have they accomplished? Anything? Has the country gotten better under BLM’s thumb? I’d suggest not and that the movement is not only useless, but completely counterproductive. Given that there are real problems out there to deal with, it’s a shame they actually work against progress.

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