Political Hack Jake Tapper Tries to Go After Sarah Sanders, It Doesn't End Well

Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Invision/AP


CNN’s Jake Tapper is perhaps the most insidious of the political personalities on the liberal network. It’s not because he’s the most biased, but because he’s the least upfront about his biases. He continually plays himself as a hardened newsman just looking for the facts. Meanwhile, he makes as many bad faith arguments as anyone else. He’s also made a thing of retweeting wild, leftist conspiracy theories while pretending to be down the middle.

Yesterday, Tapper tried to go after Sarah Sanders for making a very basic statement. Namely, that the news media lie and mislead relentlessly about President Trump, including claiming “confirmation” of things that have obviously not been confirmed. The latest example is the hit piece from The Atlantic where not a single source has gone on record yet to say it’s true, much less offer evidence. That was what Sanders was referring to.

This apparently set little Jakey off.

Tapper’s link goes to a CNN article which completely misrepresents what Sanders had said. In reality, she had made an off-hand comment that the FBI had lost faith in James Comey. She admitted it and moved on. It was not an admission that she was lying about the Mueller report. Tapper knows this but chose to try this dunk anyway. The idea that a press secretary is not going to try to paint her boss in the best light is ludicrous, but in the Trump era, the media act as if that’s unique. Of course, they basically drooled at the thought of Obama’s various flacks feeding them talking points.

There’s also this allegation that Tapper tried to personally intervene in a Congressional race to protect a sitting Democrat.

Of course, let’s recall that Tapper once authored a false piece claiming that Trump had lied about Comey telling him he wasn’t under investigation. That was one of the first instances of pure fake news that CNN peddled early in the Trump administration. Let’s also note that he and his network are currently pushing Michael Cohen’s new book. Of all the people to sit down and shut up about credibility, Tapper is near the top of that list.

Some of the responses to Tapper’s tweet pointed out his hypocrisy and bias.

Honestly, I’m glad the facade is off. For too long, conservatives treated this hack as an honest broker and he’s simply not. He’s the worst type of virtue signaling, partisan actor in the news business.

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