Joe Biden Makes a Big Admission About His 'National Mask Mandate'

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster


Joe Biden made a fairly significant admission today. While speaking to a local news station, he was pinned down on the fact that his “national mask mandate” would be unconstitutional if instituted. This was his answer.

Weird. Why would say that your plan is a national mask mandate if you don’t even think it would be legal? It’s almost like Biden’s campaign is a big ball of nonsense and that he would have actually done nothing different than what Trump did (feel the sarcasm).

And that’s the hard reality here that the mainstream media don’t want to admit. That Biden’s proclamations about the coronavirus are the talk of a man who doesn’t actually have to own a decision. He can go on the campaign trail (or whatever the heck you call his basement-dwelling) and say whatever he wants. It doesn’t have to make sense, be legal, or have any real effect. The media will fluff and sing his praises regardless.

Never mind that a national mask mandate is pointless anyway. Every state that needs a mandate already has one. There has been basically no correlation between such mandates and the transmission of the disease as well.

But I wouldn’t expect the legalities to stop Biden. It certainly did not stop Barack Obama. Recall that he said multiple times that he didn’t have the legal authority to change immigration law. Then he went off and set up DACA, which the Supreme Court saved in a ridiculous decision because John Roberts is a coward. There’s no real risk in doing something unconstitutional. Who’s gonna hold Biden accountable?

We all know the answer is no one

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