Katie Hill of Throuple Fame Goes on Deranged Rant About 'Dictator' Trump and a COVID Vaccine

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Rep. Katie Hill, D-Calif., is seen on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, April 3, 2019. House Democrats are rounding the first 100 days of their new majority taking stock of their accomplishments, noting the stumbles and marking their place as a frontline of resistance to President Donald Trump. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)


Just in case you were waiting on pins and needles for Katie Hill’s take on a possible COVID vaccine, wait no more. The disgraced former House member, who resigned after getting caught in a “throuple” with one of her staffers, has chimed in to let it be known that she’s extremely concerned. This came via a deranged Twitter rant in which she fretted about the re-election of “dictator” Donald Trump and the possibility that a vaccine is being rushed.

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To be clear, it’s unlikely there’s a vaccine finished by November. Tentative estimates are saying the end of the year. Even then, it’ll take months to deploy it. This idea that Trump is somehow pulling strings here to benefit his re-election has no basis in fact. It’s the kind of silly conspiracy theory the left routinely assures us is dangerous, yet they’ve had no problem trafficking in this one, among many others.

In reality, even if Trump wanted to, the bureaucracy is far too entrenched to be used as his puppet. We are talking about agencies that are staffed by 90+% Democrats. They’d blow the whistle in a heartbeat if anything was really being rushed in an unsafe manner. Not to mention that the vaccines are being mostly developed by private companies anyway. Of course, Trump isn’t trying to rush the vaccine. He’s simply removed the red tape and increased resources in pursuit of one.


But the orange man is bad so that means spreading wild anti-vax conspiracy theories is suddenly good. So much for the party of science, right? But be sure and tell me more about how important QAnon is or something. Don’t expect the media, who have been doing their best to rehabilitate Hill, to call this out either.

There’s also the more serious issue of politicizing a possibly life-saving vaccine. People need to have confidence that what will be developed will have gone through the same thorough testing any other vaccine would have gone through. Giving the impression to gullible Democrats that Trump is cooking up something in his shed is disruptive and dangerous. It’s also plainly untrue.

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