Watch: Must See Video Shows Democrats Continually Called for Uprisings and Violence

Democratic National Convention via AP
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In this image from video, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif., speaks during the third night of the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2020. (Democratic National Convention via AP)


Democrats and the media have made a sudden turn the last few days. After months of excusing the riots and even actively encouraging them, the new narrative is that it’s all Trump’s fault. They ignore that Trump has offered assistance to Portland, for example, and has been viciously rebuffed even as the city continues to suffer chaos. They also ignore that when Gov. Evers did accept Trump’s help in Kenosha, the violence dwindled almost immediately.

No matter, though. The media believe they are the vanguards of information and the Democrats know they have them in their pocket. So you get insanity like this must-see video which succinctly shows just who has really been stoking the flames.

So, who’s really to blame for what we are seeing in Portland, Seattle, Washington D.C., etc.? The obvious answer is that it’s the Democrat Party. In this video, we see Nancy Pelosi and Ayanna Pressley both call for uprisings and unrest in the streets. We see Chris Cuomo argue that riots are actually good and part of protesting. You also see Don Lemon call white men the “biggest terror threat in the country” and Pelosi say that Republicans are “enemies of the state” and domestic terrorists.


It doesn’t end there, though. For a full two minutes, we see other Democrat figures, including those in the media, talk about assaulting Republicans. Maxine Waters makes her appearance from a past viral clip in which she tells people to go and harass people that disagree with her publicly. When you see it all condensed like this, the rhetoric is just insane.

Joe Biden can’t run from this. This is his party and his own VP candidate is shown in the video saying that the madness is not going to stop and shouldn’t stop. No amount of playing moderate or peacemaker will change the fact that Democrats actively encouraged the rioting for months. Why? Because they thought it would help them politically. That’s what makes their about-face so cynical and gross.

But tell me more about how it’s Trump’s fault. No one is buying that. We have eyes and ears and the receipts have been kept.

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