New: Criminal Complaint Against Jacob Blake Released, The Original Story His Lawyer Told Was a Lie

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Police attempt to push back protesters outside the Kenosha County Courthouse, late Monday, Aug. 24, 2020, in Kenosha, Wis. Protesters converged on the county courthouse during a second night of clashes after the police shooting of Jacob Blake a day earlier turned Kenosha into the nation’s latest flashpoint city in a summer of racial unrest. (AP Photo/David Goldman)


The criminal complaint which led to the outstanding warrants on Jacob Blake has been obtained and released. Blake was shot and wounded by police after assaulting an officer, resisting arrest,  having a knife, and then trying to reach back into the car where the knife was late located. In the complaint, we see exactly why cops were pursing him, that they knew who he was when they were called, and why tensions were so high.

This completely changes the narrative. The first story told by the press and Blake’s lawyer was that he was an innocent bystander just breaking up a fight. That was a total lie, as evidenced by the statement’s of his own ex-girlfriend, who had a restraining order against him. In reality, he showed up and was attempting to steal her car. The warrant was for allegedly sexually assaulting the woman, among two other things. This also brings up the possibility that Blake was taking the children against the mom’s wishes. Why else would they be in the car he was stealing at the time of this incident? We need more information there.


Given all this, it’s now completely understandable why police were treating Blake as a dangerous suspect. They could not simply let a guy who had assaulted them, who had a knife, had warrants for sexual assault, and had children in the car drive off with the kids while armed. And that assumes he was attempting to drive off and not attack the officers again. Imagine the outcry if police let a man take three children hostage when they had a chance to stop him? These cops were in a no win situation, faced with a difficult choice to make. This was not attempted murder, nor is there any indication race had anything to do with this.

Kenosha burned for no reason whatsoever.

Honestly, this entire thing makes me angry. I do everything I can to be fair about these situations. In the George Floyd case, even if Chauvin didn’t kill him, the force was excessive and likely assault. In the Eric Gardner case, he was killed over a stupid law forbidding the selling of cigarettes. In the Ryan Whitaker case (who is white) in Arizona, there was no reason whatsoever to shoot him, and the cops made multiple, egregious mistakes. Those were instances where I had no problem saying that changes need to be made to procedures and anyone who broke the law should be charged.


But when Black Lives Matter or whoever tells me the Blake shooting is the same as the above to justify their destruction and rhetoric, it’s nonsense. There was no reason to destroy businesses and create a situation where two people were shot and killed in self-defense by rioting. Blake was a wanted man who had allegedly sexually assaulted a woman. He was armed and refused police commands after already assaulting officers. He was attempting to enter a car with children in it. This is not even gray anymore. It’s a justified shooting by every definition. The media should be ashamed for stoking the flames in this case.

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