Panic Is Setting In Among Democrats, Desperate Pleas to Biden Begin

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In this image from video, Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden, speaks after the roll call vote during the second night of the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2020. (Democratic National Convention via AP)


Something is definitely cooking within Democrat circles right now. The huge success of the RNC and the rioting in Kenosha has brought about a sudden flip of confidence on the left. A week ago, they were certain they were cruising to victory. Now, panic is setting in and it’s not pretty.

Last night, we saw mobs in D.C. harass and assault bystanders as the Republicans made the case that the chaos is the sole property of the left. Given the political views of both sides, that was an easy case to make. And after spending months stoking the flames of riots and excusing the outcomes, Democrats and their media allies are starting to see that a change of tack is needed.

That’s how you get desperate pleas like this.


I love that suggestion by Bill Kristol. It’s pure fantasy to think Biden would ever take the side of a citizen being harassed by Black Lives Matter protesters. Further, I’d hope Victor wouldn’t be willing to be a prop for him after all the obfuscating and defending he’s done so far. His weakness has helped create the environment that got her trapped and verbally assaulted.

Back in the real world, these are desperate pleas by those who can’t accept the reality of their own party. This is who the Democrats are. They represent mob rule, violence, destruction, and forced submission to right-think. Joe Biden is the leader of this party and he’s coddled these elements the entire way. He can’t now walk away from them.

That’s dilemma for Democrats. Even if Biden wanted to, he can’t put this cat back in the bag. There is no universe where he can go to Wisconsin to give a speech on law and order while denouncing the rioting. Instead, he’s left to make weak, flaccid statements that don’t call anyone out directly as he tries to toe a line that can not be toed.

Further, given that Biden isn’t even capable enough to leave his basement to do the rebuttal to Trump’s address (he sent Kamala Harris instead), why would anyone think he can suddenly barn burn the swing states showing how much he’s against mob violence? People like Kristol are promoting a caricature of Biden which does not actually exist. This is a man who has to use a cheat sheet just to give an interview with a friendly network like CNN. Heck, Biden couldn’t even go to Wisconsin to give his DNC acceptance speech, but he’s going to go now to speak down on BLM? That’s pure delusion.


Democrats are stuck in the bed they’ve made. There is no escape, and while that may not mean they’ve lost the election (there’s a lot that can happen in two months), there’s no doubt they’ve shot themselves in the foot by waiting this long to try to call for calm. Their cries will go unheard now and Biden can’t be the man they need him to be anyway. Grab your popcorn.

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