David Dorn's Wife Gave the Most Powerful Speech of the RNC, CNN Smeared Her

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Ann Dorn, widow of Retired Police Captain David Dorn, speaks at the Republican National Convention. (Screenshot via C-SPAN)


David Dorn’s widow, Ann Dorn, took the stage at the RNC last night to deliver one of the most powerful speeches in the history of political conventions. Her husband was murdered by looters in St. Louis after riots broke out following the death of George Floyd. He was simply trying to protect his friend’s shop from lawless thugs. When I say that every American, regardless of political persuasion, should sit down and watch this speech, I mean it. It was that important and no one should look away based on their partisan views.


The Daily Caller provides some excerpts.

“As I slept, looters were ransacking the shop. They shot and killed Dave in cold blood and live-streamed the execution and his last moments on this earth,” Dorn said. “Dave’s grandson was watching the video on Facebook in real time, not realizing he was watching his own grandfather dying on the sidewalk.”

Dorn said that she only learned of her husband’s murder when the doorbell rang at 4:00 a.m. and the chief of police greeted her when she opened the door. “Fighting back tears, he uttered the words every officer’s spouse dreads,” she said.

“I relive that horror in my mind every single day,” Dorn continued, adding, “My hope is that having you relive it with me now will help shake this country from the nightmare we are witnessing in our cities and bring about positive, peaceful change.”

Mrs. Dorn also went right at the local and state leadership that continue to refuse help from the President to quell the unrest.

Dorn went on to say that violence and destruction had no place at peaceful, legitimate protests. “They do not safeguard black lives. They destroy them,” she concluded. “President Trump understands this and has offered federal help to restore order in our communities. In a time when police departments are short on resources and manpower, we need that help. We should accept that help. We must heal before we can effect change, but we cannot heal amid devastation and chaos. President Trump knows we need more Davids in our communities, not fewer.”


Giving that speech must have been unbelievably difficult. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to have one’s spouse taken in such a manner. I’m sure a lot of us hugged our families a little tighter last night after she finished. It was both incredibly moving, but also pulled no punches on who is to blame for her husband’s death. His life was no less important than George Floyd’s or any other person Black Lives Matter is destroying cities over.

Yet, his life was treated as less important. The mainstream media blacked out his murder, choosing their narrative of “peaceful protesters” over telling people the truth about what was happening in America’s cities. Mrs. Dorn was not given airtime to speak out about her husbands death, and his legacy was derided by those who insisted it was “different” because the police didn’t shoot him.

But even those things were nothing compared to what happened on CNN after Mrs. Dorn’s speech last night. Jake Tapper actually allowed and participated in a smearing of Ann Dorn. It’s one of the most disgusting things I’ve seen on a supposed news channel. Newsbusters has that story.

But one of the things about having so many victims or the families of victims speaking at this convention is that, the victims themselves are obviously no longer here with us to say how they would feel about it. And two of David Dorn’s children, apparently, Debra and Lisa have both said that their father was not a Trump supporter and that they do not think he would have wanted his legacy to be used in a political fashion at a political convention in this way.

But again, it’s one of those things where, you know, he’s not here, unfortunately, to speak for himself and his children are not going to be here to speak with her,” Phillip continued, smearing the widow as besmirching her husband’s memory.


You know what you don’t do? You don’t insinuate that a grieving widow is going against her dead husband’s wishes by speaking out about his death. I don’t care what some of his children may or may not have said. You shut up, you let her speak, and you save your partisan sniping for some other topic. That Tapper would sit back and let this be said on his show with no push back shows exactly the caliber of journalist he actually is.

Worse, Tapper then chimed in, basically accusing Mrs. Dorn of being a token black performance.

And so many African-American speakers this week, disproportionate to their membership in the Republican Party and certainly in the Trump administration,” he whined.

I’m gonna stop there so as to maintain some level of professionalism in this piece.

David Dorn deserved better than being shot in cold blood while his last breaths were live-streamed. Ann Dorn deserves better than for it to be suggested she’s going against her husband’s wishes by honoring him in death.

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