Joe Biden Pours Gasoline On the Kenosha Fire In Pathetic Statement

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks during the fourth day of the Democratic National Convention, Thursday, Aug. 20, 2020, at the Chase Center in Wilmington, Del. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)


As you’ve probably noticed, there’s been a sudden shift among Democrats in how they are approaching the current rioting and violence in places like Kenosha, Wisconsin. Instead of continuing to actively encourage the disgusting behavior of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, they are now shifting to platitudes about peace and coming together. The reason is simple. They perceive the continued anarchy as hurting the chances of Joe Biden in November. Don Lemon said as much last night on CNN.

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Now, Biden has released a weak kneed statement that is big on obfuscation and generalities, but fails to take any direct line against those who are responsible for the current mayhem.

Notice how this statement is written. It’s designed to be read differently by different sides. Those that think the Blake shooting was unjustified and support the current destruction of Kenosha by mob violence will see the “needless” violence as the police. Meanwhile, more moderate Democrats will be expected to read between the lines and assume he’s calling for an end to the rioting with this last sentence.


The point is, nothing is clear in this video by Biden. It’s a cowardly generalization of what’s happening, seeking to avoid having to actually place blame directly on those burning businesses and assaulting people. It’s “can’t we all just get along” nonsense.

The other thing this statement does is grant the premise to the anarchists and Black Lives Matters rioters by asking “is this what we want our country to be” immediately after citing the Blake shooting. In reality, all the latest evidence is pointing to a situation that was extremely gray. For example, we learned today that the officers were made aware of Blake’s warrants prior to their arrival? In other words, we had a guy who was wanted for multiple violent crimes (including a sexual assault) resist arrest, assault an officer, try to reach into his car against the commands of police, and then possibly attempt to drive away with children in the backseat. Even if he didn’t have a weapon in the car, were the police just supposed to let a wanted criminal drive off with three kids and possibly start a dangerous pursuit?

Perhaps your answer to that question is different than someone else’s, but at the very least this was clearly not some racially targeted shooting. It was a tense, violent situation whereby an officer was forced to make a tough call in the heat of the moment. If you think it’s the wrong call, a court of law can decide whether you are right or wrong down the line. But the rioting and looting is completely unjustified.


If Joe Biden were not a complete political coward, he would be saying that very same thing and trying to bring calm to the situation. Instead, he’s playing social justice warrior and throwing gasoline on the fire by not condemning directly what is going on. That some who claim to be on the right actually think this was a good statement is simply embarrassing.

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