Barack Obama Says the Quiet Part Out Loud About Joe Biden, and You Should Listen

Democratic National Convention via AP
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In this image from video, former President Barack Obama speaks during the third night of the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2020. (Democratic National Convention via AP)


If one were to have sat down and watched only the prime time segments, you’d get the impression that the Democrat party was incredibly moderate. The rioting, kneeling for the National Anthem, and crazy left-wing polices were all just a figment of your imagination. In reality, it’s just “old slow” Joe Biden, and isn’t he just such a nice guy?

That was the basic them. But as I wrote last week, the performance put on at night was a facade (see Noted Anti-Semite Speaks At the DNC, Biden Rushes It’s Not Who His Party Is). The more insane elements of the party were kept to the daytime streaming slots. We saw everything from anti-Semitism to “activists” stumping for the destruction of capitalism.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama confirmed in a newly published interview that Biden is basically lying to everyone about his supposed moderation, and I’d think he’d know what’s really going on.


Props to Obama for actually being honest here. Joe Biden is only different in Bernie Sanders in so much as he’s willing to gaslight voters about what he really wants to do. The former VP has never been a moderate warrior. The nonsense spouted at the DNC about him reaching across the aisle and “getting things done” is mainly predicated on the 1994 Crime Bill, which he now denounces, and a failed “assault weapons” ban which showed zero statically effect on crime.

In reality, Biden has always said he’s a liberal and those who study such matters agree with him. Biden may not want “Medicare for All” because he perceives it as a turnoff to independents. But he still wants a “public option,” which is essentially the same thing in so much as people will usually take whatever is free because they don’t think long term. Once they are trapped in the government system, though, they aren’t getting out.

That’s the story of most of Biden’s positions. They are dressed up to seem less scary than Bernie’s in your face style, but they are basically the same. Heck, in some ways, Bernie has been to the right of Biden in the past, especially on guns. On abortion, the economy, the “Green New Deal,” illegal immigration, taxes, and a host of other issues, the two men are exactly the same.


The point is this. First it was Bernie Sanders at the convention and now it’s Barack Obama. They are telling you who Joe Biden is. Everyone should listen to them. No one should be deluded by shallow productions meant to hide the radical elements of the left. Biden is not a moderate. Not even close.

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