The DNC Tried to Do Comedy, It Was One of the Most Awkward Things I've Ever Witnessed

Democratic National Convention via AP
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In this image from video, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, serving as moderator, speaks during the fourth night of the Democratic National Convention on Thursday, Aug. 20, 2020. (Democratic National Convention via AP)


The DNC has thankfully come to a close. Joe Biden ended it with a teleprompter performance in which he did not forget where he was, so in that sense, it’s being hailed as a success. Of course, no matter what happened, the headlines were already written. It was “optimistic” and “uplifting.” Rest assured, when the RNC happens next week, it’ll be “dark” and “divisive” no matter what is actually said.

Of course, it wasn’t all flowery language. The DNC also had Julia Louis-Dreyfus of Seinfeld fame (I know she’s been in other stuff, I just don’t care) do a bit. That led to some of the most awkward “comedy” I’ve ever witnessed.

Of course, no Democrat joke session would be complete without insinuating that VP Mike Pence is gay, because that’s the pinnacle of hilarity on the left.

You get it? She changed his name to something it’s not because that is slang in another country for being a homosexual. Absolute comedic brilliance. Note that Democrats are always allowed to get away with things that would be called “homophobic” if it came from someone on the right. Steven Crowder makes a joke and he gets demonitized. The DNC makes one and it’s clapter all around.


Overall, this was Eastwood going back and forth with a chair levels of bad. It also shows the sheer laziness of the left. They are so certain they’ll gain plaudits that they don’t even feel like they’ve got to try anymore. In that sense, they are correct I suppose. But you’d think the party of Hollywood could afford to bring in a decent writer for this so as to avoid the sheer cringe being displayed.

I’m sure those watching on the left loved it though, because just like the media, there’s basically nothing that could have been done at this convention that wouldn’t have been met with praise and adulation.

The gaslighting is in full effect this morning, but that was always going to happen. The headlines were written weeks ago.

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