Tucker Carlson Exposes the Lunacy of the DNC In Brutal Breakdown

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In this image from video, Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden, speaks after the roll call vote during the second night of the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2020. (Democratic National Convention via AP)


If you’ve watched parts of the DNC in the evening (if you haven’t, be thankful), you’ve probably seen a common theme. Mainly that there is no theme except “isn’t Joe Biden nice?” Policy initiatives are nowhere to be found. Commentary on how the former VP would handle certain situations are non-existent. All we’ve gotten is platitudes and lots and lots of the orange man being bad.

That’s a feature not a bug. Biden knows he can’t win on policy, therefore he doesn’t ever talk about it outside of the occasional generic complaints about fighting the coronavirus. It’s much more beneficial for him to hide who his party is and what they stand for. Unfortunately, far too many on the right with an aversion to Trump play along, as if Bernie Sanders and those like him aren’t actually in charge of the platform.

Yet, throughout the day, the real Democrat party comes out to play. That’s how you get lunacy like this.

Tucker starts with the absurdity of Michelle Obama feigning oppression and Andrew Cuomo being used as a voice of wisdom on COVID. The former’s speech on Monday was certainly one of the more manipulative and dishonest spectacles I’ve witnessed. Proclamations about “children in cages” that her husband built, lies about Charlottesville, and the religious overtones of asserting that Joe Biden is going to heal the nation’s “soul” all made an apperance. As per usual, she was praised as if she’d just delivered he Sermon On the Mount. In reality, it was yet another shallow, highly partisan presentation cloaked in faux empathy, something we’ve come to expect from the Obamas.


But then Tucker gets into the real meat of the DNC. It’s not the two hours in the evening where they trot out a bunch of establishment figures, most of which are not even in power anymore. No, it’s the daytime insanity that truly defines the party. There’s the “pastor” ranting about America going to hell if they have border laws. That was a little awkward, as I don’t remember any stipulation on salvation being based on immigration laws. To note, even if opposing illegal immigration truly was a sin and you didn’t perceive that (which is nonsensical), the Gospel is not that you go to hell if you sin. It’s that you are saved by grace if you accept Christ in spite of your failures.

Regardless, then the socialists came out to play. People asserting the need to overthrow capitalism were given speaking time. Anti-Semites like Linda Sarsour did their typical thing (see here for more on here appearance). Of course, we had plenty of “racial justice” advocates as well, spewing the same divisive and dangerous rhetoric we’ve been overloaded with the last several months. Oh yeah, and if you like women actually being able to compete in women’s sports, there was someone to tell you how much of a bigot you are as well. De-funding the police, abolishing prisons, and seeing an “abolitionist” future? Yep, we got that too, with a woman describing herself as a black-Asian, transgender, gender transcendent mermaid queen-king doing the honors. Yes, that’s real and not me making a joke.


Why is none of this on TV? Because this is what the Democrats don’t want you to see. This is who they really are. It’s not the 78 year old Joe Biden that’s setting the course here. He’s simply their barely alive puppet. It’s the young “activists” that are quickly overtaking the party. While some may want to delude themselves into thinking it’ll all be OK with “slow and steady” Joe at the helm, the truth is, a vote for Biden is simply empowering what you see in the above video. Vote wisely.

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