Chris Christie Absolutely Savages John Kasich After ABC Tries to Play up 'Republican' Biden Endorsements

Democratic National Convention via AP
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In this image from video, former Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich speaks during the first night of the Democratic National Convention on Monday, Aug. 17, 2020. (Democratic National Convention via AP)


Last night was one of those nights I was glad to have other commitments. The “virtual” DNC occurred last night, and if the highlights are any indication, it was an absolute cluster of awkwardness. In the same hour you had John Kasich proclaim that Joe Biden wouldn’t govern as a left-winger, Bernie Sanders took the stage and presented Biden as a puppet for his revolution. There was no congruent message except the orange man being bad, which culminated in a dark, fear packed speech by Michelle Obama, or at least that’s what it would be called if Trump gave a similar presentation.

Going back to John Kasich, though, he meandered on stage to endorse Biden as a “Republican” and this had the media really excited. I’m also assured that the endorsement of someone named Meg Whitman, who lost a gubernatorial race in California ten years ago, is a big deal.

Enter Chris Christie, who was having none of the false hype. When asked about how big of a threat these “Republican” endorsements are, he let loose on the former Ohio Governor.


You can see the energy drain out of the face of the surrounding analysts as Christie looks at George Stephanopoulos and says these endorsements are “zero” threat to Donald Trump. He’s certainly right about that, as the idea that John Kasich and Meg Whitman can move votes bears no resemblance to reality. These people are simply Democrats at this point who are in the odd position of being disliked by everyone. Republicans can’t stand them and Democrats have no use for them either.

On the issue of trust, Christie really laid into Kasich. He noted that not a single GOP governor endorsed Kasich in 2016. The reason? Because he’s a backstabber and liar, claims that more than check out given his behavior the last five years. This is a guy who used to sub for Bill O’Reilly and talked about what a conservative he was. Now, he’s endorsing Joe Biden, high taxes, abortion until birth, the Green New Deal, and more disastrous Obama-era foreign policy. In other words, he was always a grifter and continues to be one today. He’s going where he thinks the wind is blowing, probably hoping for some spot in Biden’s administration to rescue him from unemployment.


In the end, though, I predict Kasich will be kicked to the curb if Biden is elected. All these “Republicans” who endorsed Biden are just being used, to the extent that they were ever really Republicans. In the meantime, we’ll be subject to these pathetic displays a little while longer.

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