Epic Thread Exposes How Purposely Wrong Democrats and the Media Were About FBI Corruption

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As you’ve probably heard by now, one of the top lawyers dealing with the Carter Page warrant, a man named Kevin Clinesmith, is reportedly going to plead guilty to falsifying evidence. While this is hopefully not the only shoe to drop, it’s still a big one. It affirms what many Republicans have been saying for years, namely that the FBI was so desperate to go after the Trump campaign via a retroactive FISA warrant that they were willing to lie to make it happen.

In the wake of the news, Democrats have largely remained silent or tried to deflect. Meanwhile, the media are trying to recast Clinesmith as “low-level,” which would be irrelevant but is also not true. He was absolutely near the top when it came to garnering the warrant. Whether he was directed to do what he did is a question that hopefully the Durham report will answer.

To drive the point home of just how bad the responses to the corruption were prior to this news, Drew Holden (better known on Twitter as keeper of the receipts) has put out a thread showing past Democrat and media reactions. It’s something to behold.


Here’s “Fusion Natasha” getting in on the act.

Never Trump is well represented as well.

Let’s not forget the media reactions.


I might need a cigarette after that one, and I don’t even smoke.

The amount of gaslighting and purposeful obtuseness that has been employed over the last several years is just incredible. (Most of) these people are not dumb. They could see what we all saw, yet for purely political reasons they acted blind to it all. Not only that, they chastised and tried to shame anyone who would dare speak the truth. There’s a bit of poetic justice in seeing their narrative blow up in their faces.

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