Yamiche Alcindor Cements Her Place as Most Dishonest 'Journalist' After Cutting Trump Quote

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National reporter for The New York Times, honoree Yamiche Alcindor attends The Root 100 Gala, honoring the most influential African Americans of the past year, at Guastavino’s on Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017, in New York. (Photo by Brent N. Clarke/Invision/AP)


There are a lot of dishonest journalists out there, and I mean a lot of them. To narrow it down is a bit like trying to split an atom. Sure, it’s possible, but man is it difficult. Yet, PBS’ Yamiche Alcindor continues to stand above the rest, both because of her penchant to outright lie, and her tendency to use her race as a shield.

Who can forget this classic on the recent rioting, of which Alcindor assured us there was no evidence they are anarchists. Hilariously, she was then bombarded with pictures of people present wearing anarchist symbols.

And here she is trying to cancel the black Surgeon General over an innocuous plea to not do drugs and alcohol. Her shtick is to provide “context” while never defining who exactly she’s talking about. It’s a cheap game some journalists play when they want to editorialize but want to pretend it’s not editorializing.


Alcindor is attempting to up her game, though. Yesterday, she purposely cut the context out of a Trump quote so she could proclaim it a “moment to behold.”

Surely, Trump said that because he’s a racist right? He must want to make it seem like fewer minorities live in the suburbs to make white people feel better or something. I know that contention makes no sense, but it’s the perception Alcindor wants you to have. This is a “moment to behold” after all.

In reality, as per our usual arrangement, Alcindor is making a purposeful omission to change the meaning of something so it fits her narrative. Here’s the real quote.

Trump was not actually making a racist statement or trying to erase minorities in the suburbs. What he was doing was making a joke in response to a past dust-up with the media where they attempted him to call him a liar for slightly rounding a statistic up. This occurred when Trump said that 1 in 3 women who are illegally trafficked across the border suffer sexual abuse. That led to a flurry of “fact-checks” pointing out the study wasn’t definitive and that the actual reported number was 31.4%. There was also another incident dealing with economic numbers where Trump was off by about 2% and got dragged for it.


In conclusion, Alcindor knew exactly what she was doing here. She had heard the whole quote, knew it was a joke pointed directly at past media behavior, and still chose to cut it short and present it as something it wasn’t. That currently passes for journalism because the orange man is always bad. The fact that your tax dollars partially pay this woman’s salary should infuriate you.

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