CNN's Jim Acosta Mini-Me Serves Up a Piping Hot Take On Trump Speaking At Gettysburg

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President Donald Trump speaks during a briefing with reporters in the James Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House, Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)


If you were to ask me what political entity has less relevance in America today than the Confederacy, I’d probably have trouble providing an answer. The doomed secessionist movement from the Civil War era hasn’t existed in 155 years. All that remains are monuments to the fallen and faux outrage. The Confederacy is obviously not returning, nor is it a threat to anyone.

But if you watch CNN, you’d think the Confederacy is a huge issue that is stalking the edges of American society, ready to pounce at any moment. Case in point, this idiocy that graced the airwaves not once, but twice throughout the day. Curtis Houck over at Newsbusters provides the clip.

Diamond, having the IQ of your average CNN journalist, is missing a pretty big aspect in all this. If Trump wanted to honor the Confederacy, going to Gettysburg would be the last place to go. The South lost perhaps the biggest battle of the war on that site. You don’t go to Gettysburg because you like the Confederacy. You go because you are exalting the nation that actually won the battle.


Of course, some people are such morons that they don’t realize all this.

Other respondents suggested that the site of the decisive loss for the South actually holds special meaning to the Confederacy because it was the “high water” mark. That’s ludicrous. You know what people who lose big battles don’t have? They don’t have a special affinity for where they lost said battle. Germans do not look on with affection at the Eastern Front. Gettysburg is objectively a symbol of triumph for the Union and nothing more. To the extent that monuments exist for the Confederacy, they are there to honor the dead and visualize the battle for visitors, not make it a holy site.

In fact, if you are the President of the United States speaking at Gettysburg, you are quite literally spiking the football at that point, not showing any care for the Confederacy. After all, you are the president of the nation that defeated it.


But this myth that Trump cares deeply for the Confederacy is nonsense anyway. Trump cares deeply for not giving into hysterical demands from the left. That’s the only motivation for his opposition to taking down Confederate statues. He understands the profound, long term damage giving anyone on the left an inch does. They will always take a mile, as we’ve seen with the destruction of religious monuments and monuments of the founding fathers. Besides, the President is from New York. None of this makes any sense.

Jeremy Diamond is either completely vapid, purely a political hack, or both. I’m gonna go with both. We know he’s trying to creep in on Jim Acosta’s game, so it’s no surprise he’s taken on the same persona. But rest easy, I’ve been assured by Brian Stelter that no network on the left exists to destroy Trump.

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