Joe Biden Goes Full Metal Racist Again, Apparently Just Can't Control Himself

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Vice President Joe Biden during interview. (Screenshot via Yahoo! News)


Joe Biden did a recent interview with Yahoo News and it is the gift that just keeps on giving. As RedState shared yesterday, Biden managed to have cognitive issues about his cognitive issues, admitting he lied about having taken a test while asking a black interviewer if he’s a cocaine junkie. The fun didn’t cease, though, as he would later spin a word salad on China that was so unintelligible that we’ll be trying to decipher it a hundred years from now.


Now, more clips are coming out and the cringe continues. This time, Biden’s inability to not say racist things reared its head again.

Here’s a rather good “translation” of what Biden is saying.

Biden’s attitude is essentially racist, though he likely doesn’t intend for it to be so. It assumes that black people all think alike and do not have the capacity for diverse thought. This is a trope that black conservatives have been trying to beat back for the entirety of the modern political era. Yes, blacks vote heavily Democratic, but that does not mean they all agree on an issue by issue basis.

But that’s overthinking things. This is really just Biden saying the quiet part out loud about how Democrats feel about black voters. They see black Americans as a bloc that belongs to them and will vote for them no matter what. To that extent, they take black voters for granted in ways that they would never get away with in dealing with other demographics. Just look at how desolate America’s urban, Democrat-led cities are. The left doesn’t care about making things better because they don’t think they have to make things better to keep winning black votes.


Of course, I can’t wholly blame Biden for being so crass in his assessment. Blacks do continue to vote in heavy numbers for Democrats despite the destruction caused by so many left-wing policies. Changing that dynamic will take work by Republicans, but it will also take a willingness to hear other ideas among the black community. Further, it will take not buying into the racist idea that all blacks think alike and can’t be persuaded.

Regardless, in a political sense, this was just an idiotic thing for Biden to say out loud. There’s a reason he’s had a slew of ostensibly racist comments throughout his career. He’s not a very smart man. That has only gotten worse in the last year as his mental filter to avoid such statements has deteriorated.

If Trump had said this, it’d be a racism scandal. It won’t be for Biden because nothing is a scandal for Biden.

He can tell a black man who doesn’t vote for him he’s not black, ask another if he’s a junkie, and then top it off by asserting all blacks think alike. It won’t matter. The basement and the biased media hacks that protect him will ensure he can hide his way through the election season. Whether the American people will wake up and see the game that is being played and react accordingly is another question.




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