Watch: Incredible Videos Show Horrifically Massive Explosion In Beirut, Situation Unfolding

CREDIT: Tweet via Breaking 911

CREDIT: Tweet via Breaking 911

Here’s some major breaking news accompanied by several incredible videos. A massive bomb blast has gone off in Beirut, Lebanon. You have to watch all the videos to truly get a sense of just how big and horrifying this was.

This was a massive, massive blast. Reports of broken windows and damage from the shock wave over six miles away are being made. One of the videos above shows someone miles away being thrown to the ground as he’s filming.

Right now, we have no numbers on casualties, but it’s going to be a very big number. If you watch Breaking 911’s video, it’ll give you an idea of the carnage. Almost everyone within a several mile radius is going to be dead or seriously injured. We are likely talking thousands of people.

As to the cause, we don’t know that either, but given this part of the world and how uniform the explosion was, it’s likely either terrorism related or the result of an accident dealing with a massive stock of munitions going off. It does not appear to be an air attack (nor would most any bomb dropped by most any air force do this kind of damage). Some reports are saying Lebanon is claiming this was a shipment of fireworks, but that seems unlikely to be the only thing involved here. While fireworks going off may have started the incident (you can see some initial, small explosions that appear to be fireworks) I think it’s pretty unlikely there was enough black powder in one central location to cause that final, massive explosion. It appears something else cooked off at the port that wasn’t part of the original fire.

The situation is ongoing. We’ll keep you updated.


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