Left-Wing Radicals Riot and Burn Cities, Media Fall Back On Their Favorite Trope

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez
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Demonstrators try to topple a steel fence during a Black Lives Matter protest at the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse Saturday, July 25, 2020, in Portland, Ore. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)


As I’m writing this, left-wing radicals under the guise of Antifa and Black Lives Matter are rioting in cities across the country. Portland has become the epicenter of such behavior, though places like Seattle, Chicago, New York, and others are also seeing violence on a nightly basis. Perhaps worse, dozens and dozens of people have been murdered in the worst violent crime surge in years.

While the protests carried out in the name of George Floyd were supposed to deliver “change,” their primary legacy so far has been death and destruction.

Of course, because said death and destruction are coming from wholly left-wing groups, that means the media need a shiny object to point out as a distraction. Enter the “right-wing terrorist” trope, a favorite of the mainstream media and one which NBC News decided to push this morning.

The timing of this article is not a coincidence, nor is the conflation of the United States with Europe. Over the last week, the narrative has begun to shift dramatically in regards to the current rioting. As I wrote this morning, Democrats are scrambling to shift their language and denounce the violence because they sense it is hurting their cause. The media, being the left-wing apparatchik they are, are doing their part by attempting to memory-hole the current violence sweeping American cities. Rather, they want to talk about supposed “right-wing terrorism.”


Like anything in life, you can always go find an “expert” to tell you what you want to hear.

LONDON — The threat of terrorism — particularly from the far right — should be a major concern for governments on both sides of the Atlantic as coronavirus restrictions continue to ease, according to multiple experts and former law enforcement officials who have experience monitoring violent extremist activity.

High unemployment levels due to the pandemic, poor economic prospects and the spread of disinformation through the internet and social media could accelerate radicalization, they said.

You can read the article yourself, but it’s the same lazy, loosely defined nonsense typical of these articles. Anybody who commits any act of violence while also having any connections to the “far-right” is automatically lumped in as having tried to commit right-wing domestic terrorism. Some of the examples given are obviously just normal criminal activity, but they are counted anyway. Perhaps that would be fine if such standards were applied to the left, but they aren’t. A left-winger can have a manifesto extolling the greatness of Bernie Sanders and they still won’t be called a domestic terrorist.

Jones defined right-wing extremists as “sub-national or non-state entities” with goals that could include ethnic or racial supremacy.

By that definition, Black Lives Matter, which is a black supremacist organization per their own admission, is a right-wing terrorist group. See how easy it is to come up with a narrative when you broaden things out so far?


Let’s be honest, if any part of the right, even the mainstream right, were rioting as we’ve seen, the media would being showing it non-stop and talking about it non-stop. They wouldn’t make excuses, nor would they try to deflect to other forms of criminal activity by other ideological groups. But because it’s the left going insane, NBC News and others want to do their best to cover it up.

That’s not to say right-wing terrorists don’t exist. Of course they do, but the attempts to make them the topic as left-wing radicals literally murder people and try to burn down federal court houses is completely transparent. The media want the country looking at anything except the violence in Portland and elsewhere because they know it hurts the Democrat cause. It’s that cynical and simple.



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