Palm Beach County Ups the Game On Falsely Reported COVID Deaths, Some Will Blow Your Mind

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Just how inaccurate are the coronavirus death totals around the country? If past reports (see The Real Cause of a ‘Coronavirus Death’ In Florida Will Have You Questioning Everything) and the latest data out of Palm Beach County are any indication, the answer is that the numbers are nowhere close.

The local CBS affiliate did an investigative piece on deaths being reported in the Florida county. What they found were multiple falsely reported deaths for COVID that turned out to be nothing of the sort. We aren’t talking about people who had cancer and were classified as a coronavirus death because they also were infected, which would be back enough on its own.

No, we are talking about stuff like this via 12 News.

A 90-year-old man who fell and died from complications of a hip fracture.

A 77-year-old woman who died of Parkinson’s disease.

These are some of the deaths in Palm Beach County recently, and incorrectly, attributed to COVID-19 in medical examiner records.

The CBS12 News I-Team uncovered several examples in Medical Examiner reports of people counted as a COVID death who did not die of COVID.

It gets worse though. In total, they found eight people listed who not only didn’t die of COVID, but who didn’t even have COVID listed as a contributing factor. And to be sure, “contributing factor” is already being used incredibly liberally by these medical examiners.


In total, of the 589 people on the spreadsheet they received from the medical examiner, only 169 actually died singularly of COVID. All the rest had preexisting conditions, some of which would have killed those people regardless.

Gov. Ron DeSantis says he’s aware of the issue and wants to see them fixed.

She said of the 581 deaths on the spreadsheet, only 169 deaths are listed as COVID without any contributing factors.

Governor Ron DeSantis said in a recent appearance on Fox News that his office is aware of deaths incorrectly attributed to COVID-19, like the case of a man in Orange County who died in a motorcycle crash, but was listed as a COVID death.

“I think the public, when they see the fatality figures, they want to know who died because they caught COVID,” said DeSantis.

While the coronavirus is in fact deadly and contagious, anyone in their right mind should be questioning the numbers we are seeing out of these states. If a single local news station can go to a single county and find eight glaringly false submissions, imagine how many thousands of “errors” there are across the country.

All of this matters because the level of fear being stoked directly affects the countries operation, from opening businesses, to going back to school. If people are told the truth, which is that the vast majority of people dying of COVID have preexisting conditions, and in some cases, would have died anyway, that makes the numbers look a lot different. It would allow people to make smarter decisions, including remaining socially distanced if they are in a high risk category.


Instead, we are getting this fear porn scatter-shot, where people falling off ladders are counted as coronavirus deaths. It needs to stop. People deserve real information so they can make proper decisions for themselves.



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