Joe Biden Slips Further Into Mental Collapse, Declares Trump the 'First' Racist President

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Democratic presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden wears a face mask to protect against the spread of the new coronavirus as he and Jill Biden depart after placing a wreath at the Delaware Memorial Bridge Veterans Memorial Park, Monday, May 25, 2020, in New Castle, Del. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)


Joe Biden is not a well man. That was shown once again today when he decided to opine on the history of racism among U.S. Presidents. You’ll be less than shocked to learn that he believes Donald Trump is the “first” racist president.

And all history teachers face palmed at once.

I like how The Washington Post presents this as some killer slam, ignoring that it’s hilariously wrong and ahistorical. But media are gonna media, right?

Biden went on to say to that other racists have tried to become president, but that none ever have until the evil orange man took office. What’s so ridiculous about this is how obviously wrong it is. We had several presidents who quite literally owned slaves, including our first president. One of our presidents was a slave trader. Another re-segregated the government and showed KKK propaganda at the White House. Even moving into more modern times, we’ve had overt racists like FDR and LBJ hold office. I don’t care what kind of delusion you are operating under, Trump comes nowhere close to any of those people in terms of supposed “racism.”


This is so incredibly lazy, and it’s something a Republican would never get away with. If Trump said this about a Democrat in any context, we’d have had a dozen “fact-checks” by now detailing the racist history of the presidency. But because the target is Trump, the media just shrug and agree. As to what the evidence that Trump is a racist is, your guess is as good as mine. I figure if Biden were asked for specifics, he’d mumble some lies about Charlottesville or stumble over rhetoric about illegal immigration, because wanting to uphold border laws is super racist or something.

Reading the replies to the Post’s article, I’m struck at just how dumb many Americans are. I hate to have to say that, but go read them for yourself. There are people that really think Trump is not just the “first” racist president but the “most” racist president in our history. The country was a virtual utopia before Trump arrived on the scene. They never provide solid examples, only rantings and false accusations.

Of course, if anyone has a problem with racism, it’s Biden, who’s made a series of oddly racist comments throughout his political history. Just recently, he decided to announce that a black person is not actually black if they don’t vote for him. He views people not by their worth, but only by the partisan value they can offer him.


But he’s “old slow Joe,” so the media and most of the country are going to pretend this is all normal. Meanwhile, those of us with eyes can see a man who’s losing his mind and is surviving off pre-written talking points. He again refused to take questions from reporters, though they don’t seem to mind at all because they are hacks. He’s now done a single press conference in the last four months and that was highly scripted. Is this really a guy a majority of Americans want to make President? I certainly hope not, but it’s worrying nonetheless.



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