Conservative Conserves Conservatism by Speaking at the DNC in Support of Joe Biden

Conservative Conserves Conservatism by Speaking at the DNC in Support of Joe Biden
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Joe Biden has reportedly picked up a “Republican” endorser who will go so far as to speak at the Democrat National Convention. It will surprise no one that it’s famed son of a mailman, John Kasich, who will be doing the honors.

So much conservatism being conserved. Kasich is thirsty for a Biden White House appointment it seems. His political ambitions are far from over, though he’s unlikely to compete in an electoral race again. Becoming head of some bureaucracy while raking in that sweet, sweet government pension is certainly a good consolation prize to being embarrassed in 2016 by Donald Trump.

Of course, there’s a bit of sour grapes involved here as well. A Christian, which Kasich claims to be, who legitimately has moral objections to voting for Trump wouldn’t turn around and support Joe Biden, a pro-abortion candidate who’s been so wrong about foreign policy over the decades that I’d shudder to think of the body count. No, if Kasich weren’t thirsty for a job and petty, he’d just not vote for anyone. But instead, he’s going to go to the DNC and sing the praises of a life-long left-winger who used to brag about being the most liberal member of the Senate.

These people were always grifters. It was never about “principle” or policy. It was always about money, power, and positioning. That’s how you get The Lincoln Project now pledging to oppose any Republican who even fights Joe Biden’s agenda if he gets elected. The idea that this is just about Trump has always been a mirage. He simply provides an easy foil for them to claim they are doing something righteous. In reality, they are just Democrats and always basically have been.


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