Chicago's Mayor Places Blame for Her City's Surge In Murders, and It's Absolutely Ridiculous

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Lori Lightfoot, President of the Chicago Police Board and Chair of the Chicago Police Accountability Task Force, addresses inquiries during a news conference related to the findings of an investigation into the Chicago Police Department by the Department of Justice on Friday, Jan 13, 2017 in Chicago. (Santiago Covarrubias/Sun Times via AP)


You’d think Chicago’s Mayor would have some humility when it comes to discussing murder rates in her city. After all, Chicago has essentially been a warzone over the last decade. While it appeared they were making small gains over the last couple of years, that’s all be blown away by the George Floyd protests and the subsequent consequences of demonizing police.

For context, just this past weekend, 64 people were shot and 13 died in Chicago. This comes on the heels of multiple children being murdered as well in the continual slayings.

What’s Mayor Lightfoot’s solution? Why, blame Trump of course.

Apparently, the real culprits behind Chicago’s astronomical murder rate, which makes countries literally at war look safe, is that people on no-fly lists are buying guns or something. Wait, what?

I honestly have no idea what she’s talking about. Has there been a single murder committed by someone who’s on the federal no-fly list? If there is, I’m not aware of it and it’s certainly not relevant given that almost all the killings in Chicago occur via gang violence. How desperate to deflect does one have to be to come up with this reasoning as to why the massive spike in murders in your city isn’t your fault?


I’m not sure what’s worse. That Lightfoot thought this was a good line or that MSNBC swallowed it whole and asked for another?

Of course, the feds have been trying to help out Lightfoot in one way. They have ICE agents in the city attempting to deport violent illegal immigrants and train citizens on how to report violators. Was Lightfoot thankful for the extra manpower being used to remove criminals from her streets? Nah, she called them “vigilantes” and proclaimed they’re program isn’t welcome. That’ll really help bring down the murder rate.

At the end of the day, you get the government you voted for. I feel bad for the Chicago residents who just want to live in safe communities, but at the same time, Lightfoot won all 50 wards in her 2019 election. The race wasn’t even close. People cared more about electing the “first gay African American” mayor than actually putting someone in power who would help their situation. At some point, people have to stand up and make better decisions.


In the end, this has nothing to do with Donald Trump. It has to do with awful leadership that is looking to pander while children are being slaughtered on the city’s streets. In a sane world, such cowardly deflections by Lightfoot would lead to her political demise. As it stands, she’s a shoe-in for a second term.




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