Tucker Carlson Doubles Down On His Tammy Duckworth Criticism and It's Absolutely Brutal

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Tucker Carlson does not care about your outrage. That’s basically the theme that emerged as he took to the airwaves last night to address the dust up over his recent criticisms of Sen. Tammy Duckworth.


(see Tucker Carlson Slams Tammy Duckworth for Wanting to Take Down George Washington Statues and She Runs Cover Behind Her Military Service)

For background, here is what led Carlson to originally question her love for America.

This led Duckworth, who apparently had no actual defense at all for what she said, to tweet back at Carlson a reference to her losing two legs in combat. The insinuation was clear. She’s a  veteran and questioning her motives, even after she tacitly endorsed the canceling of George Washington, is off limits. The media rushed to her defense, including some on the right.

Carlson was having none of it. He responded and doubled down on his criticism, while also including Ilhan Omar in the discussion after she stumped for tearing down the entire U.S. system yesterday. It’s an absolutely brutal take down.


Carlson’s honesty is refreshing. He’s not trying to the political game where one side can impugn the motives of veterans with no push-back at all while Republicans have to sit scared in the corner when it’s a Democrat who served. Duckworth’s comments were anti-American, and the lies she told about Trump’s speech (that he spent the entire time “talking about dead traitors” when Confederates were not mentioned once) were gross. Carlson was addressing those issues when he questioned her patriotism and if she doesn’t want said patriotism questioned, she should perhaps be less of a political coward and take a stand on what is a very basic argument.

The idea that someone who served in the military can’t morph into a typical politician, with all the flaws and lack of courage of a typical politician, is ridiculous. We’ve seen it happen many, many times. Carlson never questioned her behavior as a service member. He questioned her behavior as a politician. If she doesn’t want to be in that arena, she’s welcome to resign.

Carlson would go on to note that he invited Duckworth onto the show to have a debate about the matter. Instead of agreeing, she ran for the hills, demanding he apologize for criticizing her before “considering” an appearance. Later, he would bring up Ilhan Omar as well, pointing out that his criticism of these people is based solely in a critique of their own words (see Ilhan Omar Just Admitted That She Wants to Topple the United States).


I’ll end by exposing the double standard here. If you are Tom Cotton, the media and Democrats can savage you as wanting to literally murder people. That’s not an off limits attack on a veteran’s patriotism. If you are Martha McSally, they can malign you as being an un-American attacker of the freedom of the press. If you are Gen. Michael Flynn, they can call you a traitor for simply asking the Russians to not act rashly.

There are no actual rules or convictions here when it comes to going after veterans. It’s all politics, and Duckworth is off limits because she’s a Democrat. That’s all there is to it. That some conservatives continue to play into this nonsense (in this case, mostly because they hate Carlson) is disappointing.



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