Brian Stelter Tries to Bash Tucker Carlson and My Pillow, Gets Dunked on by Reality

Brian Stelter

The obsession with Fox News held by some at CNN is reaching new levels of creepiness. We’ve now got figures like Brian Stelter attempting to categorize the advertising on Tucker Carlson’s show in a weak attempt to pretend he’s failing in some way. This came in the form of sniping at My Pillow, a long time advertiser on the network.


Perhaps Brian doesn’t understand how advertising works. You see, when someone has the highest-rated show on cable TV, companies seek to maximize their exposure by advertising during that show. The advertiser is not “propping up” said highest-rated cable TV show. Rather, they are garnering a massive benefit by having people buy their product as a result of their advertising expenditure.

This may be a foreign concept to Stelter, as his show would be lucky to get 1/10th the ratings Carlson does.

Stelter’s attempted dunk left him getting dunked all over, which is a trend for the CNN “media reporter.”

I think Jessica Fletcher from The Daily Wire had the best response though.

You want to know how the thought process goes over at CNN? Here’s a meme that encapsulates it perfectly.


CNN has become an activist organization, seeking to beat its competitors, not by offering a better product, but by promoting boycotts of their advertisers. This is why you routinely see Media Matters offered as “experts” on Reliable Sources and via Stelter’s newsletter. It’s one big racket, at this point.

Stelter and his network are unable to even compete when it comes to actual content. They are routinely the lowest-rated major cable news network, with primetime ratings that are dwarfed by the audiences of Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingrahm. Instead of trying to be better at their jobs, those at CNN take the coward’s route, attempting to de-platform people.

The reality is that Carlson is not going to run out of advertisers, even if some companies have cowered before the mob lately. The fact that Mike Lindell is able to garner 37.8% of Carlson’s advertising is clearly a boon for him and a great investment. Trying to bash that is childish and misleading, two things Stelter specializes in.



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