CNN Reduces Mt. Rushmore to a 'Monument of Two Slave Holders' During Bizarre Orange Man Bad Rant

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FILE – In this Dec. 9, 2016, file photo, the faces of the presidents that make up the Mount Rushmore monument are shown near Keystone, S.D. The PBS host Geoffrey Baer is back this summer with new episodes of his series “10 That Changed America” focusing on streets, monuments and marvels, including one show that gives the surprising inside story behind icons like the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski, File)


CNN decided to show off its incredible bias and slavish devotion to race politics today by proclaiming that Mount Rushmore is nothing more than a monument to “two slave holders.” This came during Jake Tapper’s show, in which a reporter named Leyla Santiago made the claim. For his part, Tapper offered no push back.

The segment was billed as Americans reexamining the 4th of July. You’ll notice that CNN has gone so far down the rabbit hole that they are now putting Independence in scare quotes when describing Independence Day.

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were known for a bit more than being slave holders. They were, after all, the founders of the greatest country in human history, a country that has done more for the betterment of of the world than any other. But CNN doesn’t care. Everything revolves around their inter-sectional fetish. There is apparently no road they won’t go down if they feel it strokes their far-left sensibilities.


I’ll note a few things in light of Santiago’s comment. For starters, her surname is classical Spanish, which means her ancestors were conquers of native Mexican cultures. Perhaps she shouldn’t be appearing on CNN given her family carries such atrocities in their history, right? In fact, all remnants of her ancestors should probably be wiped away, and she should be made to pay reparations to the modern descendants of those her ancestors so wronged. I mean, that’s the standard being set here, right?

I’m being facetious, but the left aren’t when they promote this stuff. Santiago, unable to separate her political dislike for the President from her reporting, is devolving the founding of the country and some of it’s greatest leaders into just another inter-sectional bludgeon. Perhaps I’m naive, but I can’t imagine most Americans agree with that.

She also notes that Mount Rushmore is on land wrestled away from Native Americans. While that is correct, you know who else wrestled that same land away from other people? Native Americans did. The Lakota tribe, which now claims ownership of the land, went to war and pushed competing tribes out of the area with violence in the 1700s after leaving Minnesota. They also owned slaves and were brutal to them.


You see how complicated history actually is? Morality is rarely the straight shot the left want to present it as. But CNN’s goal isn’t to give an honest accounting of history, it’s to push racial politics that suit their narrative. That means George Washington is now bad, and Mount Rushmore is now a symbol of white supremacy. Everything must go and there are no lines they won’t cross.

Tapper should be ashamed of himself for not offering some rebuttal to this, but he’ll keep toeing the company line, because in the end, this is what CNN is.



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