Washington Post Editor Gives Racist Rant Against 'White Women,' Insinuates Revenge Is Deserved

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The mainstream media have lost their minds. When they aren’t telling us how great massive protests are, they are warning that any gatherings will spread coronavirus and kill us all. But it’s not just their factual inconsistencies. It’s also the insanity coming from the opinion pages of these once storied newspapers.

The New York Times has turned into a woke apparatchik of Nikole Hannah-Jones’ toxic (and false) ideology. Meanwhile, The Washington Post isn’t far behind.

Here’s their Global Opinions Editor ranting against “white women” because this is 2020.

This is the kind of thing that would get just about anyone else fired if they gave this kind of rant in any other context. But because Attiah is woke, she can make racist screeds lampooning all “white women” for crimes almost none of them committed. To be sure, the generalization of an entire demographic this way is textbook racism. She then compares the murder of Emmet Till to voting for Trump because of course she does.

But it’s her call for revenge that’s most troubling. The 1921 Tulsa Massacre was in 1921. Why would someone want to seek revenge against “white women” today who had nothing to do with it? The same thing applies for the other two things she lists. It is incredibly racist to judge an entire group, not just in a contemporary setting, but across history and then insinuate they deserve to have revenge taken against them for things they didn’t even do.  That kind of thinking has been used to justify atrocities against groups of people for thousands of years.


Karen believes “white women” should be thankful though even that she’s not going to seek revenge on them, as if she’s the arbiter of such. They are “lucky.” It’s the kind of language that would be bad enough coming from some random Twitter user, but this person works for The Washington Post.

Will she be reprimanded? Of course not. Contrary to all the talk about “privilege” among media elites, being woke bestows upon you a privilege others could only dream of. You essentially become untouchable. Attiah is untouchable and she knows it.



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