Seattle City Council Member Blames 'Capitalism's Brutality' for CHOP Murders

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Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant speaks, Tuesday, June 12, 2018, at City Hall in Seattle. Sawant and other members of the Council were expected to vote Tuesday on whether or not to repeal a tax on large companies such as Amazon and Starbucks that was intended to combat a growing homelessness crisis. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)


Things aren’t going so well inside the “CHOP,” the autonomous zone that Seattle’s government is currently allowing to exist contrary to the law. We’ve already had one murder in just two weeks inside an area no bigger than six city blocks. Now, there’s been another one.

A man was killed and a 14 year old is fighting for his life after a drive-by shooting within the CHOP. Rumors are circulating that it was CHOP’s own self-proclaimed security that was involved. Unfortunately, the crime scene has already been tampered with and it’s unlikely many witnesses will cooperate. There is video of the incident that may help with the investigation.

Meanwhile, Seattle’s communist city council member thinks she knows who’s to blame. Is it the protests and riots? The people who pulled the trigger? The lack of police presence in the area?


Nah, it’s capitalism that’s the real culprit here.

Yes, because the real issue here is conservative media. Wait, what?

I have no idea how someone like this ever gets elected. I mean, I understand how Democrats get elected even if I have profound disagreements with them on policy and social issues. But Kshama Sawant has shown herself to be an insane person for years. She’s actually suspected to have let protesters into the City Hall some weeks back before the CHOP was established on the streets. She should be in jail, not rattling on Twitter about how capitalism is somehow responsible for lawlessness and murders.

Sawant’s “movement” is failing like all socialist movements ultimately fail. It’s destroying businesses and it’s costing people their lives. The fact that the mayor of Seattle won’t step in and stop this is an incredible breach of duty. If Seattle’s residents care anything about their own safety and prosperity, they have to change course and kick these people out of office.


Unfortunately, what seems obvious to outsiders is often lost on those living in these areas. They are so eaten up with faux guilt and wanting to appear woke that they’ll continue to vote for their own demise. It’s sad to watch.

At some point the police chief should tell the mayor to jump in a lake and take back these streets. That would be a move that would actually send a real message. I have little hope it happens though.




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