Peter Strzok's Bombshell Notes On Flynn Case Show Trump's Impeachment Was Political Nonsense

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden pauses while speaking Wednesday, June 17, 2020, in Darby, Pa. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)


Yesterday, yet more documents were turned over in the Michael Flynn case. This followed on the heels of the D.C. Circuit ordering Judge Emmet Sullivan to dismiss the case. Those newly released documents contained notes from Peter Strzok, apparently from a January 4th, 2017 meeting between James Comey, Susan Rice, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama. There are some fairly bombshell revelations in them.


One, it shows that Barack Obama was not only intimately involved in targeting a political opponent, he was the driving force behind keeping the case open. He posited that the “right people” need to be involved. This came after Comey told the former president that the conversation between Flynn and then Russian Amb. Kislyak seemed “legit,” as in not improper.

Two, we found out that Joe Biden told a bald-faced lie when he said he had no knowledge or involvement in the investigation of Flynn. Not only did Biden know about it, he was the one who came up with the predicate to keep the politicized investigation going.

Here’s what Biden had previously said.

Later, Biden would go on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show and double down with no real qualifiers.

“I was never a part or had any knowledge of any criminal investigation into Michael Flynn while I was in office. Period.”


That’s obviously not true and Biden’s only real excuse at this point is that he has so lost his mental faculties that he simply didn’t remember. Perhaps he’ll try that line out here soon?

What really sticks out to me though isn’t that Obama and Biden would target a political opponent in such a brazen manner using the levers of government and bureaucracy. We all lived through the IRS scandal. We knew what they were capable of.  Rather, it’s the years of obfuscation and now outright hypocrisy on this issue from the anti-Trump movement, including the near entirety of the active Never Trump movement, that is so

We were assured that the Obama administration didn’t target Trump and his associates. Then when it was revealed they did, we were assured it was non-political and only based on legitimate information. That turned out to be false as well, with these documents showing Flynn being setup over a legitimate conversation being yet another piece of evidence. Never mind the FISA abuse and reliance on the Steele dossier.

What’s been the response from Never Trump and anti-Trump Democrats? Total silence.

Let’s remember that at the beginning of this year, Trump was impeached over the supposed pursuit of a politicized investigation into Joe Biden. What exactly did that entail? We don’t know, because no investigation happened, and there was never any actual evidence the President himself sought an investigation for political ends. But impeachment happened anyway. We were told over and over that even the appearance of such impropriety was a danger to the country and a deep subversion of the law, to the point where they weren’t fit for office.


Now what? Strzok’s notes are direct evidence of Barack Obama and Joe Biden formulating and executing a politicized investigation of a political opponent and suddenly no one cares.

By the standards set out during Trump’s impeachment, Biden should be demanded to drop out of the race. Where’s The Bulwark and The Dispatch crew to decry this abuse of power? Is anyone at CNN even going to report on this news, much less with an honest accounting of what it means? Are the “conservative” Twitter lawyers who spent half a year fulminating over impeachment and how just it was going to now tell us Biden isn’t fit for office? I think we know the answer to that.

Trump’s impeachment was always a political joke. There was no actual deep seated conviction behind it. It was just another in a long list of shots taken to try to get rid of Trump. The fact that Never Trump and their Democrat allies would once again be so exposed as hypocrites isn’t surprising, but it’s pathetic nonetheless.




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