Chris Cuomo Loses It, Proclaims He's Not Objective But That 'Luv Guv' Is Doing 'Way Better' Than Other Governors

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CNN’s Chris Cuomo was once again allowed to interview his own brother last night. These rhetorical tickle fights have been ongoing throughout the coronavirus epidemic, with such notable scenes as Chris using a giant cotton swab to tease his governor brother.


What made last night’s tribute to awful journalism stand out was that Chris finally admitted what we all knew. He’s not an objective journalism.

Does Chris get points for honesty when he immediately tells a lie right after? By every objective measure, New York has been a disaster area. The fact that cases are now slowing there because the virus has already run through a large percentage of their population is not a victory. It’s an indictment of big brother Andrew’s absolutely awful leadership.

Further, it’s New York that seeded the virus to the rest of the country in the first place. Those states the two Cuomo brothers now want to slander that still have far lower deaths by population? They only had outbreaks because Andrew Cuomo is a terrible governor who threatened states for trying to quarantine New Yorkers.


The ‘Luv Guv’ is not “doing better” than the rest of the governors. He’s done and continues to do the worst. His state just happens to be at a different point in what will be (and has already shown itself to be) an overall devastating timeline for his response to the virus.

These outright lies about other states are getting old. California is seeing an uptick in cases right now, specifically Los Angeles County after massive protests took place. Yet, you’d be hard pressed to find that reported in the national news. Instead, the focus is on Florida and Arizona. In reality, Florida is seeing a surge in cases with a median age in the 30s. People are coming into hospitals, getting treatment, and going home. We are unlikely to see an actual large rise in deaths. This was always going to happen because without a vaccine, you have to let the virus spread among non-vulnerable populations. Staying locked down forever is not a viable option.

What didn’t have to happen was thousands of dead seniors in New York because Andrew Cuomo ordered sick patients back into those facilities. What didn’t have to happen was one of the world’s worst outbreaks because Andrew Cuomo didn’t shut the subways down for months. The rest of the country didn’t have to have serious outbreaks at all if New York had quarantined itself and stopped threatening other states who sought to keep the virus contained. All of that is on the Andrew Cuomo, and his little brother is complicit in spreading garbage propaganda purporting otherwise.


Bang up job CNN.



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