Cocaine Mitch Rips Democrats a New One Over Blocking Police Reform Bill

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., leaves the chamber after leading the impeachment acquittal of President Donald Trump at the Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2020. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)


Democrats showed their true colors this morning by blocking Sen. Tim Scott’s police reform bill, which itself contained numerous Democrat provisions. Instead of even allowing debate on amendments, Schumer and Pelosi ordered their minions to stop the process cold. This comes after Schumer proclaimed a week ago that Republicans must put a bill on the floor by July 4th.

So much for that.

Mitch McConnell, recognizing how cynical this ploy was, went after Democrats in his floor speech today just prior to the already announced filibuster.

McConnell lambasts Schumer for the rhetoric from his party proclaiming how urgent of an issue this is. Over and over, they took to cable news to accuse Republicans of not doing anything. Scott took the lead though, putting together a bill full of bi-partisan proposals. One of those was from Sen. Coons, who voted against debating the bill today. The guy voted against his own wishes, a provision he’s fought to get enacted for five years, because Schumer told him to be a good boy. It’s so pathetic.


Now, as McConnell points out, Democrats are demanding the process be slowed. Gone is the urgency and CNN hits yelling about how something must be done. Instead, they want to wait on Pelosi’s House bill, which is full of unrelated nonsense and has zero chance of passing. By comparison, the GOP bill was fairly streamlined, dealing with the issues that are actually relevant. It also didn’t include any poison pills, further exposing the Democrats as just being partisan hacks.

In the end, these people don’t care at all about solving problems. This is just a game to them. And why not play games? Not a single legacy media outlet will call them out. They’ll make excuses for them and put out misleading headlines because that’s what they always do. The sad part is, there was unity here to get things done. That’s been flushed down the toilet so Pelosi can go on MSNBC and call Tim Scott a murderer. It’s disgusting and these people never deserve to be given power again.



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