Cancel the #Resistance Coronation, Almost Everyone Still Hates John Bolton

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National security adviser John Bolton listens as President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis in the Oval Office of the White House, Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


You are going to be shocked to hear this, but John Bolton writing a book trashing Trump with a bunch of unsubstantiated gossip isn’t earning him a fresh start in beltway circles. While he has played his book release as a coronation into the #resistance, it appears the actual members of the #resistance aren’t playing along. Well, unless we are talking CNN, but they’d rehabilitate Vladimir Putin if they felt he would snipe at Trump for them.

Today, Nancy Pelosi ripped into Bolton, accusing him of throwing the country under the bus to sell a book.


The “revelations” in Bolton’s book are already fading, with no one outside of thirsty members of the press caring at this point. The claim about Xi Jinping supposedly bragging to Trump about concentration camps was so ridiculously farcical that not even it is making much of a dent. Bolton has sat down for an interview where he proclaimed Trump unfit for office. He can join the line of those singing that chorus. No one cares at this point. It’s almost like rolling out a new tell-all book every two months has desentizied the public to their grandiose claims. Who could have foreseen such?


But never fear, Bolton still has a shrinking segment of the “conservative” commentariat in his corner.

Yes, he went so on the record that he refused to say any of this under oath and instead put it as third hand information in a book. What a brave figure. But he’s a “copious” note taker they tell us, because taking notes always means you are telling the entirety of the truth. Just ask James Comey.

Unlike French and those like him currently white knighting for Bolton, I’m not going to gaslight you by pretending that Bolton is anything other than an underhanded figure who’s routinely tried to manipulate his will into foreign policy, even against the wants of the presidents he has served. Bolton is about Bolton and always has been. Did Trump hire him? Yep, and that’s on him. I won’t deny that he should have listened to Tucker Carlson’s warnings, who despite just being a TV host, manages to be right a lot more than the beltway “experts” on these matters. What’s that say about the capabilities of said experts?


Bolton will make some money here though, to the extent that books are really that lucrative these days. What he won’t make is a return to public life. Sure, some media figures will pat him on the back, but like all that came before, they’ll be tossed to the curb the moment they aren’t useful anymore. You hate to see it.



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