OSU Football Coach Mike Gundy Gets Cancelled and the Reason Will Blow Your Mind

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Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy takes part in a news conference for the Alamo Bowl NCAA college football game, Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2016, in San Antonio. Colorado will face Oklahoma State in the Alamo Bowl Thursday. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)


I keep thinking we are going to finally reach a line where people take a deep breath, but nah, that’s not going to happen.

The latest victim of cancel culture, or at least attempted cancel culture (as this story is still unfolding), is Oklahoma State University head football coach Mike Gundy. Formally known for his glorious mullet and no-nonsense attitude, he’s apparently committed a sin so egregious that it requires CBS Sports to push for his destruction and his own players to turn on him.

Did he cheat on his wife? Go to the strip club? Fail to garner a burner phone like Hugh Freeze did at Ole Miss? Perhaps he did something racist? Or abused a player?


Stop the presses and send this man to the gulag. How dare he like a cable news station?

And, lest you think this is just some random reporter being a clown, the OSU administration is apparently looking to take action.

Here’s their star running back threatening to boycott the team if Gundy isn’t punished. Why? Well, I honestly have no idea what practical reason he so objects to an OAN shirt, be we live in incredibly stupid times.


If the athletic director has any sense, he’ll support his coach, who’s brought prominence to a program that hasn’t had much. But I suspect they’ll cave here to the mob because that’s what always happens. Gundy should be telling Hubbard to transfer and pound sand, but instead his job is now on the line. All for wearing a t-shirt with nothing offensive whatsoever on it.

As someone who actually loves the sport of football, watching it be taken over by politics is just heart breaking. This was a game that people of all colors and backgrounds could rally around. It was “our” team no matter what politics the guy sitting next to you might have. That’s over because the media have demanded it be over. All must bow to the woke mob and pay penance. Leftism has to ruin everything.

Gundy should stand up and fight this. Until someone does, it’s never going to end.




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