Brian Stelter Has Jenna Ellis on His Show and Tries to Shame Her, Ends up Wrecked

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Brian Stelter is unbelievable, or perhaps his behavior is totally believable? He does work for CNN after all.

This morning, he decided to have Trump legal advisor Jenna Ellis on. He did this knowing that he wasn’t going to be fair or treat her with any semblance of respect. Instead, he saw it as an opportunity to try to shame and belittle her. In the end though, it didn’t go very well for him.


Yes, let’s bring up a woman’s “children and grandchildren” and pretend that they will be reflecting 20 years from now on Brian Stelter being called fake news. I mean, come on. That’s such a ridiculous contention that it’s hard to imagine someone making it with a straight face. Of all the things of consequence, CNN getting its feelings hurt is not one of them.

But Ellis didn’t take the insults lying down. She quickly pointed out that Stelter is not a journalist, but that he’s an activist. Fact-check true on that point. Does Stelter think this makes him look good and reasonable?


What is even the point of this? Just don’t have her on your show if you are going to do stuff like this. What does it accomplish? It certainly isn’t helping Stelter’s ratings, as CNN continues to lag behind the other two major networks.

Stelter is perhaps more insidious than most, though, because he appears to actually believe what he’s selling. He can’t comprehend his own hypocrisy and bias, constantly accusing others of doing things he and his network do themselves.

I find it hard to believe this appeals to anyone but the already converted.



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