Must Watch: Protestors Attack Miami PD, the Police Respond and a Huge Brawl Breaks Out

CREDIT: Scrren grab from tweeted video by Geoffrey Ingersoll

CREDIT: Scrren grab from tweeted video by Geoffrey Ingersoll


I’m sure CNN will assure us this protest was actually peaceful, but the video tells a different story.


Miami PD were seen making multiple arrests when an all-out brawl took place after protestors attempted to surround and attack a police car. The video is pretty stunning and there are multiple angles of what happened.

(WARNING: strong language used by the protestors filming so watch with the sound off if you need to):

In the video, you can see a man jump on the police car while others attempt to block its path. Another man hits the windshield with a skateboard. Reportedly, glass was broken onto the officers inside. It’s at that point that Miami PD decide they can’t sit idle anymore. They storm out of the car and begin to take down those who attacked the car. Other protestors join in and try to hit the officers with skateboards and fists. Several of them are then taken down as well. One officer in particular comes out with a fury and can be seen keeping the entire crowd back early in the video.

According to the Miami Herald, via, this took place on June 10th during a protest “against police brutality.” The newspaper has video from a different angle.


Some are trying to use this as proof of police overstepping. I don’t see it. The only reason these people did what they did is because they’ve seen other cities refuse to enforce the law and allow abuse of police officers over the last several weeks. I’m sure the protestors were shocked to find this kind of response, but it was warranted in this case. Several people are seen assaulting the officers in the video and they need to be put in jail. There is no calmer way to arrest someone who’s resisting than what’s shown here.

In other words, I think we all need to be smart enough to recognize nuance in policing. Sometimes, use of force can be excessive. But the use of force is not always excessive and it’s vital to maintaining a country that doesn’t become a haven for anarchists.



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