MSNBC's Most Hackish Producer Purposely Misrepresents Trump on Police Choke Holds

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President Donald Trump speaks during a roundtable discussion with African-American supporters in the Cabinet Room of the White House, Wednesday, June 10, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)


It’s not everyday that someone at MSNBC stands above their colleagues to reach levels of hackishness that would make Rachel Maddow blush. But Kyle Griffin, who produces for Lawrence O’Donnell’s train wreck of a show, has managed it.

Earlier today, Fox News aired portions of an interview with Donald Trump. One of the issues that obviously came up was police brutality and use of force. Specifically, Trump was asked to comment on choke holds.

This is how Griffin chose to represent his answer.

What a monster, right? How could Trump describe choke holds as innocent and perfect with people like Eric Gardner have died from them.

Except what Griffin writes here is so wildly out of context that the presentation he’s giving is completely false. Trump was not in fact praising choke holds by police. In fact, he was saying the exact opposite.

What Trump means by the sentence Griffin tries to dishonestly highlight is that a lot of people look at normally non-lethal maneuvers like a choke hold and think “what’s the big deal?” But obviously, it can be misused. Trump comes to that conclusion and goes so far as to say the use of choke holds should end. That’s quite a bit different than pretending he was praising the maneuver.


By the way, Griffin is the same guy who spread the “Donald Trump owes a Chinese bank tens of millions of dollars” lie from a few months ago. That was quickly debunked. The loan itself was from 2012, is already paid off, and was sold within a week anyway.

Of course, Griffin’s tweet has thousands of retweets and there won’t be any correction or clarification. MSNBC is going to keep doing what they are doing because there are never any consequences. Why not lie about things Republicans say? It’s not like other “journalists” will call him out, though they their minds if a Fox News employee so much as coughs too aggressively.



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