Joe Biden Blanks Out and Then Insults Martin Luther King In Disastrous Public Comments

AP Photo/Susan Walsh
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Democratic presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden takes off his mask before speaking during an event in Dover, Del., Friday, June 5, 2020. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)


Joe Biden’s staffers have to be dreading the day the full campaign gets back into swing. Keeping the former vice president in the basement has perhaps done more for his chances in 2020 than any other single factor.

Case in point? This is what happens when he leaves the confines of his home and tries to talk to people in public.

Biden forgetting things and being unable to complete a sentence has become all too common. It’s not normal and it’s not the result of a childhood stutter as he and his defenders like to claim. Also, who told him hanging a mask off his ear is a thing to do here? Just take the mask off instead of looking ridiculous.

But things got much worse as Biden continued speaking. At one point, he made an absolutely insane comment regarding Martin Luther King.

Wait, what?

MLK’s impact was leading the charge to end Jim Crow and taking the biggest step toward limiting racism since the abolition of slavery. George Floyd’s death is tragic, but it’s hardly been a major moment of change in regards to actual policy. To even make that comparison is absolutely ludicrous and insulting to MLK’s legacy.


But this is what happens when you feel the need to constantly up your woke cred. Biden knows he has a huge issue hanging around his neck in regards to the 1994 crime bill. No matter how much he tries to run from it, he can’t hide that he used to brag about writing the bill. While there are parts of the bill that were arguably good (and crime did drop), there are other parts of it that now enjoy widespread disapproval, especially in the black community. Biden has to deal with that and he’s doing an awful job of it. As I wrote this morning, he had a meltdown when questioned on it during a NAACP round table.

This is a guy who can’t control his emotions and can’t keep a coherent thought when off The teleprompter. It’s a bad situation for Democrats, who basically have to hope coronavirus prevents the campaign from resuming.




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