Bad News: Coronavirus Is Back on as Protest-Loving Journalists Try to Shame Mike Pence Over Social Distancing

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Bad news everyone. The coronavirus is now a thing again and it’s very, very dangerous.

This comes after weeks of the media completely ignoring the spread potential of massive, nation-wide protests and riots. Vice President Mike Pence decided to visit some campaign staffers, though, and that’s extremely bad and must be shamed.


The comments are literally accusing Pence of “breaking the law” because he had more than 10 people in the room with him. This was such a terrible thing that CNN wrote an entire article on it with statements like this being made.

Health experts have long warned that a lack of social distancing could result in a second peak in the virus. Nationally more than 1.9 million people have been infected by the virus and more than 112,000 have died, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Many states have loosened restrictions that were put in place starting in March. But with no vaccine and more people congregating in public places and national protests, experts warn that the high rates of cases seen in the spring may return.

I searched for this author’s comments on the protests and I can’t find any condemnation, warning, nor write-up about the dangers the virus poses because of them. But let Pence take a quick photo with campaign staff and we are right back to “but muh coronavirus.”

Other journalists tried this shtick as well.


Of course, it’s not just Pence. With Trump announcing new rallies are coming, the media have suddenly decided big gathers are bad again.

The irony here is that, while CNN is trying to go after Pence for breaking Virginia’s “guidelines,” there were literally riots going on in Richmond last night in which a guy got his skull caved in by a statue being pulled down. There’s also an insurrection taking place in Seattle, something CNN can’t even find space to report on. But none of those matter in relation to coronavirus. Only Mike Pence taking a picture spreads the virus because science or something.

Regardless, the media don’t get to put the genie back in the bottle. They blew their credibility on coronavirus long ago and they can’t flip the switch and suddenly make virus hysteria a thing again. Not after propagating the idea that these protests were more important than the virus itself, which has killed 108,000 people.



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