Congressional Democrats Take a Nine Minute Knee and Culturally Appropriate for the Cameras, Pelosi Can't Get Up Afterwards

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif. listens to questions during a news conference on Capitol Hill Thursday, April 30, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)


I thought photo-ops were bad? I was assured photo-ops are bad.

Congressional Democrats took a nine minute knee today as some kind of show of solidarity with the current protests going on. This was led by Nancy Pelosi, who probably should think twice before attempting this again (as we’ll see). Afterwards, they announced that they are working on a framework for police reforms.

What was really weird, though, is the blatant cultural appropriation that took place. I’m not talking something silly like wearing a sombrero on Cinco de Mayo or enjoying General Tso’s Chicken. They all dawned Kente Cloth to do their little presentation for the cameras.

I’m not sure what a Ghanaian textile, which is very specific to that African culture, has to do with George Floyd, but here we are.


But even if there is some connection, it’s certainly not one Nancy Pelosi, nor her mostly white cohorts in this video should be using. I find the entire thing fairly weird, as if black people can’t be valued by their worth as Americans in this case. That doesn’t mean their African lineage isn’t important and isn’t something they should celebrate themselves, but what’s that got to do with Nancy Pelosi? What is the message these Democrats are even trying to send? It’d be like everyone dawning Jewish Kippahs after an anti-Semitic shooting. It’s just not something you do.

Eventually, the nine minutes was up, and Nancy Pelosi couldn’t manage to get back up again.


I guess this level of pandering works for some people?

Regardless, the more important topic here is what this bill they are pushing will have in it. Apparently, it won’t just be about policing but stopping “systematic racism” in all parts of government. That’s pretty much a sign that it’ll be far-reaching and objectionable to Republicans. Democrats have never met a crisis they weren’t willing to take advantage of, as we saw during the coronavirus relief bill drama.

I suspect they’ll overplay their hand, that they won’t agree to common sense reforms everyone supports, and that whatever they propose will go nowhere. Par for the course.



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