Anti-Trump 'Journalist' Yamiche Alcindor Has a Big Announcement and It Explains Everything

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A year ago, you’d be hard pressed to know who Yamiche Alcindor was. It’s only in recent memory that the PBS journalist, partially paid for by your tax dollars, has made a name for herself by sparring with President Trump and couching every question in the typical liberal biases.


For instance, just a few days ago Yamiche was yelling this question at Trump while he attempted to sign a bi-partisan bill into law. He had asked everyone to stop.

That kind of divisive, racialized question is par for the course for Yamiche these days. Of course, it’s easily explained when Democrat politicians keep the larger cities locked down, which impacts a majority of African-Americans. How is that Trump’s fault? And is it a bad thing that other parts of the country are seeing a resurgence (including black people in more mid-sized and rural areas)? Do their livelihoods not matter if they can’t be used as a gotcha?

Meanwhile, who can forget this classic from a week ago?


Yes, no evidence except all the anarchist A’s spray-painted everywhere and Antifa groups publicly proclaiming what they are doing. But if excusing violence gets a good snipe or two in at Trump, it’s something Yamiche is willing to do.

These are just recent examples. She’s been just as bad covering the coronavirus. Walking in Jim Acosta’s footsteps isn’t exactly a path that elevates the journalistic profession, but it apparently gets you a book deal.

And there it is. That explains everything.

If you were wondering why Yamiche has been trying to so hard to sensationalize and make a name for herself, this is the answer. It’s always about the money inside the beltway.

I’m also pretty sure that one’s cultural biases shouldn’t be informing how they report the news, but in this newly woke day and age, I guess anything goes in journalism. Aren’t you glad the government helps fund her outlet so she can grandstand and get book deals?


This is everything wrong with the journalistic profession. The story is supposed to be the story, not the reporter telling it. But that’s not what journalism is today. It’s a self-aggrandizing, egotistical profession whereby people attempt to gain fame for themselves. A book deal to spew one’s biases is just a natural part of the progression.



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