Heartbreaking: Rioters Burn Homeless Man's Possessions as Bystanders Cheer

AP Photo/Carlos Giusti


Riots and looting are continuing across the country tonight as people who don’t actually care at all about George Floyd are using his death as pretense to live out their anarchist fantasies. We’ve seen video after video showing destruction and brutal violence as a mixture of Antifa, Black Bloc, and Black Lives Matter protestors are rampaging.

A new video is especially heartbreaking, as it shows rioters burning the only possessions a homeless man has. Bystanders, instead of helping the man, just stand there and cheer.

This happened in Austin, TX and most of the perpetrators appear to be Antifa or sympathizers of such, as they appear to fit the typical “white boy in black skinny jeans” description. The man and what looks to be a friend try to pull his mattress out of the fire. He then approaches the camera, clearly in emotional turmoil, asking why they are doing this to him.

It’s unbelievable how evil some people can be. There’s no empathy being shown to this man in the video. Only spoiled, angry idiots with no respect for anyone. This isn’t about George Floyd or police violence. Most of these people probably couldn’t even tell you his name. Instead, these are people who have been looking for an excuse to do this for a long time. They finally got one and it’s just a matter of time before they latch onto something else to excuse their repulsive behavior.

Hopefully, some people get together and help this man. On the other end of this is the inaction of our government officials, from these localities, all the way to the White House. Everyone is too scared to take action. That’s going to backfire on them in the end. Write it down.