Watch: Black Police Officer Is Removed From Duty After Defending Partner From Assault

Julio Rosas/Townhall
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The chaos across the country in many of America’s largest, Democrat run cities continues. What started as protests to justifiably speak out against the killing of George Floyd have turned into anarchist riots, stoked by groups like Antifa, Black Bloc, and Black Lives Matter.


This had led to some heated moments caught on video, including a Fox News camera crew getting mobbed. Another moment happened last night, where a police officer was assaulted and his partner came to his defense.

The woman punches the white officer twice in the face. He doesn’t retaliate after the first hit, probably realizes that if he does, he’s going to end up mobbed. But his partner, who’s black, finally strikes the lady after she hits the first officer in the face a second time.

While there are more than enough examples of police acting badly out there, this isn’t one of them, though it’s being treated as such by some. The woman in the video isn’t small by any means and doesn’t just take one swing. Others suggested to tackle her, but that likely wouldn’t have been any kinder to her body, as either way, she was going to hit the ground hard.

Now, it’s been revealed the officer has been relieved of his duties.


Whether this means he was fired or put on leave, we don’t know yet. Either way, this is the kind of thing that actually shows how tough being a police officer can be. When someone sees their officer being assaulted, they shouldn’t be punished for coming to their partner’s defense by springing to action in what was a non-lethal way. He didn’t pull his gun and he wanted to get her on the ground immediately. This was a split second decision by him and trying to judge that after the fact strikes me as incredibly unfair and unrealistic.

Look, I’m all for punishing the bad actors among law enforcement. I’ve written on that repeatedly, including the recent killing of George Floyd. But if we are going to do that, we can’t then scandalize legitimate, non-lethal uses of force. The mayor should be keeping the peace, not stoking the flames in this instance.



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